400 buffaloes drown fleeing through lions in Botswana

Hundreds of buffaloes have drowned in a river on the border between Botswana in addition to Namibia.

Early investigations suggest the herd was being chased by lions in addition to ran into the river, say Botswana authorities.

A local lodge owner told the BBC that will the item looks like the buffaloes then got stuck because the bank on the different side of the river was too high in addition to that will they panicked in addition to stampeded.

He has never heard of such a large group of buffaloes drowning before.


The authorities in Botswana estimate that will roughly 400 buffaloes died.

People living from the area collected the buffaloes in addition to took them home to eat.

The river flows through the Chobe National Park, a major tourist attraction known for its huge numbers of elephants, giraffe, sable in addition to buffalo.

Simone Micheletti, who owns a lodge on the Namibian side of the river, said that will the herd was unusually large – at roughly 1,000 buffaloes.

Mr Micheletti told the BBC that will he heard the lions roaring a lot on Tuesday night. When he went down to the river on Wednesday morning he saw hundreds of dead buffaloes.


He added that will the item was cloudy on Tuesday night so he suspects the clouds blocked the moonlight, meaning the buffaloes couldn’t see.

Botswana’s environment ministry released a statement saying that will mass drownings are not unusual from the Chobe River, yet Mr Micheletti says that will the scale of the deaths is actually unheard of. The biggest mass drowning he has heard of before was around 50 buffaloes.

He said that will most of the bodies have been taken out of the river by people living nearby in order to eat them, something he said the authorities have given them permission to do.

Source: BBC

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400 buffaloes drown fleeing through lions in Botswana

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