Accidents have reduced since completely new Year – NTSA

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There has been a significant reduction within the number of road fatalities since the start of 2017, a report by the National Transport as well as Safety Authority (NTSA) has revealed.

The report dubbed Comparative Statistics Trends revealed which only 766 road users have lost their lives on the road between January 1 as well as April 2 compared to 847 during a similar period in 2016.

This particular according to the report, represented an encouraging fall of 9.6 percent in road fatalities during the period under review when compared to the same period last year where 81 more cases were recorded by the authority.

within the four months under review, pedestrians still led the number of road fatalities accounting for 296 deaths, motor vehicles passengers followed with 179, while motor cyclists came third with 137 recorded fatalities.

Next on the list were drivers who accounted for 77 deaths, pillion (motor cycle) passengers recorded 66 cases as well as lastly, pedal cyclists recorded 11 fatalities.


The numbers, however, represent a tiny reduction via 2016 statistics where 326 pedestrians died, 180 passengers, 142 motor cyclists, 105 drivers, 69 pillion passengers, as well as 25 pedal cyclists succumbed on the road.

The number of those who sustained injuries ranging via slight to serious injuries also reduced significantly except for pillion passengers as well as motor cyclists who continue to post high numbers of injuries sustained.

During the period between January as well as the beginning of April a total of only 1, 130 road users sustained serious injuries compared to 1, 374 in a similar period last year.

What is actually common though is actually which motor vehicle passengers, pedestrians as well as motor cyclists continue to suffer the most on the road. The three set of road users contribute more than two-thirds of the injuries sustained.

Those who sustained slight injuries also reduced via 1, 684 in 2016 to 1,336 This particular year. Still, motor vehicle passengers led the way with 1, 043 sustaining slight injuries out of the total of 1,336 recorded injuries in 2017.

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Accidents have reduced since completely new Year – NTSA

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