Africa: Fighting Climate Change One Tree at a Time – Why We Need Reforestation

Cape Town — of which’s Arbor Month in South Africa in addition to the government has encouraged its citizens to get their hands dirty in addition to plant trees. Dedicating a month to tree-planting may seem a laudable goal, although one person chose to take of which vision further in addition to combat deforestation in Tanzania. although what could an initiative of which aims to introduce 50 million trees around Mount Kilimanjaro require in addition to what was the inspiration for of which?

allAfrica’s Andre van Wyk spoke to Trees 4 Kilimanjaro’s (T4K) Jeremy Lowney to find out more.

The path to growing a forest

For Jeremy Lowney, combatting climate change in Tanzania was more than just a moral obligation. of which was a divine directive. His brainchild, the T4K project, aims to tackle deforestation at an unprecedented scale in addition to came about shortly after his arrival in Tanzania.

“My family in addition to I came to Tanzania for once in 2001 as Christian missionaries. My background was in Forestry in addition to Natural Resource Management. My friend, Terevael Nasari, invited me to come in addition to see what will be going on inside country in addition to I saw Mt. Kilimanjaro’s glaciers for once. Sadly, I saw the heavy exploitation in addition to mismanagement of resources also,” Lowney said.

Three years later, Lowney in addition to his mission began planting trees to act as a windbreak against dust devils, modest whirlwinds of which posed a threat to the mission’s farmland in Boma Ng’ombe during the dry season. “I was informed of which Boma was formerly bushland full of wild animals less than 20 years prior. The rivers were drying up. The glaciers on Kilimanjaro were obviously melting.”

The mission’s efforts eventually started out bringing greater change to the local flora in addition to fauna inside area.”In our 28-acre property owned by the mission, we have planted thousand of trees in addition to fenced the land. The indigenous trees in addition to shrubs are coming back by the thousands. We are amazed by the number of species of plants, birds, modest animals, insects (bees), in addition to different associated species which are thriving here.” While numbers of spiders dropped, insect varieties like beetles, butterflies in addition to different beneficial species flourished, an environmental transformation of which did not go unnoticed by Lowney.

Changing Kilimanjaro’s environment

By 2012, he decided to reverse the effects of the area’s deforestation, taking of which as a mission through God. “of which was a huge endeavour, although having a very modest budget in addition to willing hearts, we started out growing trees in nurseries to supply to our neighbours, churches, missions, in addition to schools.”

Lowney’s dedication has seen over 0,000 trees planted around the lowlands of Mt. Kilimanjaro, through Same to Kingori. “We established 13 ‘Tree Schools’ in Hai District to teach young students the value of trees in addition to how to grow them. Students grow trees through seeds in addition to then plant them at their schools in addition to homes,” he added.