Atheist ‘high priest’ angry at God for ‘doing nothing’

Kenya news, President of Atheists in Kenya, Harrison Mumia (right) receives a Bible via Ms Caroline Njuguna. The photo posted online by NTV’s Larry Madowo. PHOTO | COURTESY

The chairman of the Atheist Community in Kenya Harrison Mumia has shocked his social media followers which has a post expressing anger at God for doing nothing for him that will year.

Mr Mumia posted on Facebook; “There will be nothing God has done for me that will year! Bure Kabisa.”

the item was a contradiction of sorts since atheists do not believe from the existence of a supreme being in addition to consequently do not expect any thing in return.

The Atheist Community in Kenya was founded in 2013 with an aim to bring together non-believers.

In February that will year, the community petitioned the Ministry of Education to drop religious education via the curriculum.

Netizens gave their opinion on Mr Mumia’s post.

Issabel Ann Wanjuhi Munyui asked; “Hahaha why are you angry he hasn’t done anything for you, if definitely you believe he doesn’t exist?”

David Kago wrote; “Your statement will be contradictory Mumia, the item implies you acknowledge the existence of god… just that will he hasn’t done jack for you. Always think through your statements before producing them public… the item makes atheists look dumb.”

Weringa Lynnette said; “You may not believe in God that will’s ok. You don’t need to be disrespectful.”

Thomas Isoka Chebei commented; “Your statement suggested that will indeed you believed that will God would certainly do something for you that will year.”


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Atheist ‘high priest’ angry at God for ‘doing nothing’

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