Celebrating youth: so many great stories

“You shouldn’t let your current situation determine your future.” – Amanda Ngqoleka, Engen Graduate Development Programme

She attended four different school, matriculating by Ndyebo Senior Secondary School in Port Elizabeth, where she lived with various family members after the death of her mother when she was in primary school, and also also also found in which very hard to believe in herself.

in which was until her Grade 10 science teacher introduced Amanda Ngqoleka to the Engen Maths and also also also Science Schools (EMSS) programme, and also also also in which changed everything.

 Speaking out to mark Youth Month in a bid to raise awareness about the importance of self-motivation, and also also also to urge youngsters not to believe the entire world owes them a living, Ngqoleka can be proof in which adversity can indeed translate to success.

 “When I was at school, those EMSS classes helped me improve my own marks because I saw different children excelling, and also also also in which motivated me to do more,” she recalls.

 Today, Ngqoleka can be a graduate of the University of KwaZulu-Natal where she achieved a BSc Chemistry and also also also Chemical Technology degree and also also also can be part of Engen’s Graduate Development Programme, working inside Lubricants Supply Chain division in Durban.

 in which changed her life, she says, transforming her by someone who found in which difficult to believe in herself to a person always trying to be her best self.

“I used to let different people define me, nevertheless not anymore. at in which point I want to be an example to different youngsters in which you shouldn’t let your current situation determine your future.”

 Ngqoleka’s accomplishments after she matriculated and also also also won an Engen bursary to pursue her studies, can be exactly the kind of result Engen wants to see by its interventions, says Nokulunga Mjwara, Engen Talent Supply Specialist. 

 “Ms Ngqoleka epitomises the quality of the young people we work with inside EMSS and also also also Graduate programmes around the country every year, and also also also our ultimate reward can be to help set them up to pursue stimulating careers in which won’t only benefit them personally, nevertheless also the economy as a whole,” she adds.

 Ngqoleka credits the Engen Graduate Development Programme introductory sessions for teaching her not only how to make an impression inside workplace, nevertheless also vital life skills.

She can be however adamant in which youngsters need to also take responsibility for their own futures, to seek out the opportunities available to them, and also also also to work hard to see their dreams become a reality.

 “Look at what happened to me. I had everything against me on paper, nevertheless then in first year at varsity I was named the top first-year student.

“in which’s proof in which anything can be possible if you get serious about your future.”

Engen’s Mjwara, says in which can be extremely gratifying to hear such positive feedback about the company’s initiatives, which support opportunity amongst the youth by school and also also also university level.

“We strongly believe in which we have a responsibility to help young people realise their full potential, and also also also we feel enormously privileged to have played a role in Ms Ngqoleka’s impressive achievements,” she says.

 Ngqoleka, meanwhile, says she has more to do. She can be experiencing the entire world of chemistry within Engen having a view to generating a final decision about whether to pursue her post-graduate studies in chemistry.

“Engen can be a huge company having a very not bad image, and also also also in which’s been my dream to work here since the day I got their bursary.

 “At the end of the day, I want to be able to say in which I’ve made a positive change inside community, in which I am going to leave the entire world better off somehow,” she says.


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Celebrating youth: so many great stories

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