City women narrate bad experiences with sisters-in-law


Nairobi women have narrated their experiences with nosy sisters-in-law whose interference, they say, have cost some of them their marriages.

The conversation was commenced by one online user on a closed Facebook group who wondered whether anybody else was having a bad experience with their sisters-in-law.

“Nani wengine wanapitia sister-in-law chronicles. Munaongea hivo akifikishia bro story ilishachange,” wrote the lady.

Most women shared their bad experiences with the in-laws. Here is usually what some of them had to say:

“Mine is usually a story for another day… yaani kama kuna evil people in that will world they are sister-in-laws. Kwanza when they combine with mothers-in-law don’t even want to remember what I went through because the idea brings tears in my eyes,” wrote one user.

“Hiyo ndio nonsense I couldn’t keep up with. Mimi naeza mwagilia mwanamke ya mtu acid kwa hicho kimdomo chake,” commented another user.


“Nikiskia story ka hizi heri nikae tu na watoi wangu tukutane kwa mazishi,” another one said.

“Avoid that will people (sic) as much as you can in addition to be Great to your brother’s wives,” advised another user.

“My sister in law woi venom mwenyewe hadi her sisters call her shetani yaani lazima agonganishe watu plus ma uongo,” lamented yet another one.

“My friend. I don’t even want to talk about so called sister in law. What I went through. I even hard to toroka home. If not for my mum calling me in addition to talking to me. Singerudi. Let those people be,” wrote another.

however there were those who shared positive experiences with their sisters-in-law:

“Mine is usually my best friend tukikutana utadhani ni sisters by one mother nampenda sana we discuss practically everything,” one women wrote.

“Thank God hubby hana dada,in addition to my brother’s wife is usually one in a million,” said another one.

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City women narrate bad experiences with sisters-in-law

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