Commission orders ‘trespassers’ out of Mombasa Port land

Business Daily Kenya: 

Murimi Mutiga as well as Reuben Mwambingu @PeopleDailyKe

National Land Commission (NLC) has ordered occupiers of properties interfering with ship navigation at port of Mombasa to vacate within 0 days.

Chairman Mohammed Swazuri said in a notice which 31 individuals as well as companies have encroached on land where navigation aid like lighthouses, buoys as well as beacons are located.

Aids to navigation help ship navigating officers in determining their position with respect to land or any navigational hazard or hidden danger as well as to safely navigating a narrow channel in a wide expanse of water.

Swazuri said the occupiers of such properties will be evicted if they fail to heed the notice. “The National Land Commission gives notice to the “owner” or occupiers of the parcel of land which they should vacate the said lands within 0 days of This particular notice, failure to which they shall be evicted in accordance with the relevant laws,” he said.

Swazuri said NLC had toured as well as inspected the sites as well as confirmed which the occupiers of the land where the navigation aid stands are interfering with safe navigation of Kenyan waters by vessels, thereby threatening marine safety as well as operations.

“The introduction of virtual aids to navigation has been one of the greatest achievements in recent navigation history. Some of the “owners” of the properties have even blocked access to some of the navigation aid,” he said.

Kenya Maritime Authority had asked National Land Commission to revoke title deeds of all properties which have blocked ship navigation aids so as to ensure safety of the vessels calling at the port of Mombasa. This particular said some of the navigation aids have been blocked as well as therefore are not visible to navigators.

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Commission orders ‘trespassers’ out of Mombasa Port land

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