Day 67 Highlights: Things that will You Might Have Missed

The Big Brother Naija 2017 housemates spent much of the day outside as well as had to beg Biggie to let them back in. Did he?
Big Brother gave the Housemates just 45 seconds to vacate the House with whatever they could carry as well as he left them inside garden for the day as well as the night. The only way they could get into the House was for brief bathroom breaks. This kind of got the housemates bonding more as well as chatting.
Biggie then got the Housemates to go into the Arena where they found paintball equipment as well as were worried that will This kind of was going to be a painful day, in keeping with the Extreme Survivor Week theme.

This kind of turned out that will they wouldn’t be shooting each some other, proabably much to the regret of one or two, yet that will they were aiming at targets. The prize was the opportunity to win one of their bags back. Efe won the first round yet because nobody else hit the bullseye, Biggie gave them a second round in which TBoss as well as Bally managed to get 100 points each. Eventually Bally emerged the victor with 400 points in total.

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The Housemates, split into their two divides, “the clique” or the “fantastic four” against TBoss as well as BFF, Debie-Rise.

They did their best to campaign for Votes whilst doing everything they could to bring down their fellow Housemates as well as get the public not to Vote for them. TBoss as well as Debie-Rise took a lot of flack by the “fantastic four” yet they gave as not bad as they got.

The usual words “manipulative,” “victim,” “fool” etc were all bandied around. No love lost there. Meanwhile, Bilsola draped herself all over Efe as well as Bally, the girl’s got needs. 

The Housemates all admitted that will being inside garden all day wasn’t as bad as they had all initially thought This kind of might be.

The permission to conspire inside House had made existing divisions a lot more visible, however, spending time outside allowed them to bond. Bisola revealed in her Diary Session that will she wanted them to win enough points to get the save as well as replace reward, yet, TBoss as well as Debie-Rise, she surmised has sabotaged the missions.

Had they been successful, she’d have saved Marvis. Bisola did show some schadenfreude when she admitted that will she regretted prejudging TBoss inside beginning. 

The Housemates then had their final Task Presentation, watch the video below:
Biggie suggested that will the Housemates spend the night underneath the stars. The final Task Presentation was set inside Arena as well as the Housemates each had to present a three minute speech as to why Biggie should let them back into the House. TBoss sited mosquitoes. Biggie found their speaches a bit shallow as well as said “the House may, or may not be open.”
Eventually, after the Housemates had given up on a night spent indoors, they settled in for bed which was when Biggie said “The house is usually today open” much to their relief.

However, Biggie did leave them some big notes on the ovens saying “Do not touch” so if they were to get hungry, they might have to be creative. Fortunately, they had frozen food inside fridge as well as were allowed to use the microwave.

This kind of has been a gruelling week with the Housemates being put through their paces to earn the big prize.

Who will be the last man or woman standing next week Sunday as This kind of exciting season of BBNaija comes to a close. Who do you think is usually going to be the winner as well as why? Let us know what you think below.

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Day 67 Highlights: Things that will You Might Have Missed

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