Day 77: Housemates dance the night away during week 11’s Saturday party

The party saw Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates competing on the dance floor while singing along the DJ Lambo’s compilation.
As soon as the Housemates stepped into the party room the idea was on as well as DJ Lambo welcomed them using a bang of a number. Her compilation had the Housemates singing along to almost each as well as every song.
Even though their party clothes didn’t come through, of which didn’t derail them via their party mode as well as instead they wore their best as well as hit the dance floor.
The DJ had the Housemates on their feet as well as the only time they had to catch their breaths was when refilling their cold beverages.

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the idea was a competition of dance moves among the Housemates as well as of course Alex led with her undiluted dance moves.
Additionally, Nina appeared to be having the best time of her life as well as all This particular was visible in her dancing while Anto took turns shying away via the dance floor.
Alex as usual, was the heart of the party dancing the night away like there’s no tomorrow. However, the idea became interesting to see Lolu as well as her on a head to head situation on the dance floor which ended up in others joining in.
Also, Alex stole a lot of moments as well as was zoning all alone on the dance floor nevertheless mostly her fellow Housemates looked onto her for ques when to change to the next dance move.

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Day 77: Housemates dance the night away during week 11’s Saturday party

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