Day 78: Cee-C breaks down in tears

Cee-C breaks down in tears as the item gets colder within the Big Brother Naija house.
With only six days to go before the eagerly anticipated Big Brother Naija Finale, our Housemates are feeling the heat. One Housemates in particular, seems to be feeling the item more than the others.
Since Day 1, Cee-C has clashed with numerous her fellow Housemates along with at This specific point the chickens are coming home to roost.

via fiery fights over food, to full on fall-outs with love interests, Cee-Cee’s journey has been as colourful as they come – along with as the numbers have continued to dwindle courtesy of Evictions week after week, so have her allies.

Last night, Lolu, Anto along with Khloe were given the boot, leaving Cee-C to “roll solo”. As soon as she walked back into the House after the Eviction Show last night, Nina, Miracle, Alex along with Tobi looked shell-shocked, possibly because they thought she had been sent packing (which off course isn’t the case) – along with just like in which, the stage was set for awkward interactions.

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Sharing the House with the biggest alliance of the season, plus Nina will not be easy. the item’s no secret in which Alex along with Tobi are joined at the hip.

On any given day, you will find them whispering in bed along with laughing up a storm. Tobi along with Cee-C were the first romantic alliance of the season, although unfortunately when in which relationship disintegrated, the item imploded with such force, a friendship was totally out of the question.

Despite many attempts to make peace, Tobi along with Cee-C remain estranged.

Miracle along with Nina on the some other hand, are always wrapped up in each some other, so any chance of third wheeling is actually out of the question. Even though the two lovebirds are friendly towards her, most of their free time is actually without a doubt spent with Alex along with Tobi.

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Day 78: Cee-C breaks down in tears

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