Defeated although Punching: Thanksgiving which not bad triumphs over Evil

The Scripture readings on our annual plan come largely coming from Revelations, Daniel, Psalms in addition to Isaiah This particular week. Mysterious dreams which sap the courage out of the authors as evil rears its horned head in addition to plagues descend upon earth. One gets the clear message which evil is actually defeated, although on the way down is actually throwing some hard punches.

Which is actually pretty much how the week has gone. The doctor’s strike looms in addition to sadly the poorest will pay with their lives for the intransigence of the dispute between the government in addition to the doctors over pay in addition to work hours. The Friends of Naivasha NGO which encouraged us to plunge in at NSCH finished their planned project in addition to in a surprise to us moved out of their hospital office on Wednesday.  We had a rotation of interns in addition to my Paeds colleague went on leave meaning a lot of transition on the team, with some significant unhappiness expressed to me about my style. A child I was so happy we made a quick accurate diagnosis of intussecption (intestinal problem) on went to surgery in addition to then when I looked for him, I found he’d “complicated” in addition to been transferred (often a euphemism for death, so I was kicking myself for not doing the right thing). Our tiniest preem died. in addition to additional sick babies. Wednesday was just a rough rough day. Evil punching.

although we are to be people who can look ahead. which’s why we have books like Revelations. We don’t minimize what is actually wrong, we lament the item…in addition to then we put the item in perspective. These are the punches of a defeated power. We mourn in addition to move on. in addition to particularly in This particular week, we look in between those easily seen discouraging events for the glimpses of grace at the fray.

So in spite of every evidence to the contrary, I asked my team to each say something they were thankful for today. Soon the day seemed less bleak. in addition to we found some reasons to celebrate. A, pictured above, was discharged. The baby is actually 3 months old today in addition to has been in NBU her entire life. She had Congenital TB, in addition to her mom nearly died coming from her miliary TB, yet there they are smiling in addition to much better in addition to heading out the door after months of touch-in addition to-go struggle. in addition to just as I commenced This particular post I got hopeful news which baby C with the intussecption in addition to gangrenous bowel was alive at the main referral hospital KNH in Nairobi in addition to potentially can recover. Then I came home to find two neighbor kids playing with our puppy in addition to felt thankful for the way Nyota has opened up some interaction with kids. 

Defeated although Punching: Thanksgiving which not bad triumphs over Evil

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