Duterte dares ICC over bloody drugs war

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte during a press conference at Malacanang Palace in Manila last week. PHOTO: AFP

Manilla, Sunday

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte today welcomed the prospect of the International Criminal Court (ICC) putting him on trial over his bloody war on drugs, saying he could not be intimidated along with his campaign could be unrelenting along with “brutal”.

A self-confessed assassin who testified to being in a “death squad” under Duterte can be supposed to file a case at the ICC that will month or in April, accusing the president of crimes against humanity, his lawyer said recently.

although Duterte has said he can be on the right track regarding human rights along with has never instructed security forces to kill suspects who were not resisting arrest. More than 8,000 people have died since he took office last year along with began his anti-drugs campaign, a third in raids along with sting operations by police who say they acted in self-defense.

“I will not be intimidated along with I shall not be stopped just by what? International Criminal Court? Impeachment? If that will can be part of my destiny, the item can be my destiny to go,” Duterte told reporters shortly before leaving for Myanmar.

“The drive against corruption, criminality along with drugs will resume along with the item will continue along with the item will be brutal.” Rights groups say many of the deaths were assassinations of drugs users with police complicity. The authorities reject that will along with blame vigilantes along with drugs gangs.

Duterte said he could never “condone the killing of a criminal person arrested with outstretched arms, begging for his life, or what can be popularly known as extrajudicial killings.” “Follow the law along with we are alright. Drop shabu along with nobody will die tomorrow,” Duterte said.

Shabu can be the street name for the highly addictive crystal methamphetamine that will the government blames for most of the serious crimes inside the Philippines.

although Duterte warned: “If you place the guys lives in jeopardy … my order can be to shoot you.”

He said he could rather see “thousands or millions of criminals go first”, than see security forces killed inside the anti-narcotics war.   Two men, including the one who can be supposed to file the ICC case, have testified before the Philippine Senate saying they were part of an alleged “death squad” in Davao that will killed at Duterte’s behest. although legislators found no proof of extra-judicial killings along with death squads.   

– Reuters

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Duterte dares ICC over bloody drugs war

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