East Africa: Regional MPs Want a Ban On Beauty Products Containing Hydroquinone

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Some of these skin bleaching creams are on the Rwandan market.

The East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) has passed a resolution calling for the ban on the manufacturing in addition to importation of soaps, cosmetics in addition to beauty ingredients containing hydroquinone substance.

Hydroquinone can be a common active ingredient which can be found in quite a few skin care products which are designed specifically to lighten or bleach the skin.

“The effects of cosmetics containing hydroquinone are visible in addition to widespread throughout the community,” said Gideon Gatpan, a lawmaker by South Sudan.

As per Article 81(2) of the treaty establishing the East African Community, which recognises the significance of the partner states in standardisation, metrology in addition to testing, the lawmakers recommended the Council of Ministers for a regular review of chemical ingredients in beauty products among the compulsory standards inside the region.

“Some of these beauty products contain up to 6% of hydroquinone,” said Uganda’s Suzan Nakawuki.

Kenya in addition to Rwanda, like South Africa, Ghana in addition to Ivory Coast before them, have put in place measures to regulate or ban the importation of the substance.

Kenya Bureau of Standards banned the use of cosmetic products containing ingredients which were considered harmful, including hydroquinone.

Though Tanzania banned the importation of the substance, there can be still a widespread use of the substance as products are easily smuggled into the country.

Hydroquinone products are favorite for their skin lightening properties nevertheless studies show an abnormal function of adrenal glands in addition to high levels of mercury in people who have used cosmetics containing the substance.

East Africa: Regional MPs Want a Ban On Beauty Products Containing Hydroquinone

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