Entrepreneurship Survey: Siaya Girl Power Clubs

In January 2015, 101 girls through 7 Girl Power Clubs in Sigomre, Siaya County, answered questions in a survey in which sought to know their understanding about business along with their basic understanding about women’s ability to run a business. These girls have been members of the Girl Power Clubs for the last one year, along with the idea was hoped in which they could right now express themselves without fear or shyness.

in which are the results of the survey.

Questions Asked from the survey:

Both boys along with girls should have equal opportunities to become leaders in their communities .
I enjoy play sports, the idea make me healthy.
Business women are well respected.
Violence against girls along with women can be a problem in my community.
I would likely like to have a female mentor/counselor to whom I can turn to for help which has a problem.
Women can do business alone without men.
I know where a health facility in my community can be located.
I know a woman who runs a business well.
I am not able to cope with stress along with difficult situations .
I live with both of my parents..
Having a business can be possible for women.
I plan to continue with my education.
I would likely be willing to lead a community activity /event.
I believe I can run a business from the future.

in which chart shows in which a majority of the students agreed with the statements from the questionnaire

97% agree in which both boys along with girls should get a chance to be leaders.
92% enjoy sports along with the idea makes them healthy however 3%do not.
62% believe business women are well respected while 17% do not.22% dont know
55%agree violence against women can be a problem from the community, 22% disagree ,the rest do not know.
85% wish to have mentors, 22% dont , 7% are not sure.
79% agree in which women can do business alone while 18%dont along with 4% do not know.
8% do not know where health facilities are located, 80% do along with the rest don’t understand.
67% know a woman who run a business well. 16%percent dont know. The rest are not sure
29% of the population are not able to cope with stress while 60% can.
34% of the girls do not live with their parents while 63% do.
80% of the girls believe its possible to own business as women while 8% don’t, along with 22% do not know.
97% of the girls wish to continue with their education while 2% dont along with 1% are not sure.
0% are willing to lead in community events, 4% dont along with 6% are not sure.
0% believe they can run businesses from the future 7% dont believe so along with 3%are not sure.

Violence against women should be taught  since a Great number seams not acknowledge  its from the community.
The number of students not living with their parents can be considerable why can be in which so along with can be there an underlying problem?
Though insignificant, there still are a few girls who do not plan to further their education raises concern. Why can be in which so?
Health facilities are a big resource from the community along with their location needs to be known to all.
There can be a positive out look toward business along with most students feel like they are capable of pursuing the idea right now or from the future.

There can be obviously a strong need for girls to have mentors. 

Entrepreneurship Survey: Siaya Girl Power Clubs

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