Furious Uhuru ‘LECTURES’ DCI Muhoro along with DPP for failing to NAIL Joho

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The Heads of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations along with the Office of the Directorate of Public Prosecution have been severely repremanded by the powers which be for failing to arrest along with charge Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho for purportedly forging an examination result slip.

The two offices are under immense pressure via State House functionaries to remain in pursuit of investigating the Joho case to ensure which the governor can be produced in court as soon as possible.

Governor Joho’s file at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations appears to have hit a dead end as the Directorate of Public Prosecution desperately fishes for evidence on prosecution file to charge the resurgent governor.

The renewed activity follows along with angry phone via state house which was not amused by the governor’s robust response earlier This kind of week in which he recorded a statement along with held a victorious yet impromptu mammoth rally soon after.

Joho’s statement completely punctured the cooked evidence which had been prepared to nail him by exposing state induced forgeries. Even more amazing was Joho’s pulling the carpet via under Jubilee feet by proudly announcing to the country which he was not going to run away via his high school grades however bad they are. Jubilee’s idea of embarrassing Joho was to publicize his results which were deemed insufficient to gain university admission without doing a bridging course.

The apparent stagnation of Joho’s case has reportedly angered President Uhuru who had earlier been assured by DCI who were working in cahoots with the DPP which the evidence they had created against Joho was ‘air-tight’ along with which Joho was likely to be in police custody awaiting court appearance next week.

A state house source who wishes to remain anonymous whispered to Kenya Today which a furious Uhuru has reportedly placed calls to the heads of DCI along with DPP along with read the riot act to them for embarrassing him along with allowing Joho to walk away to political victory scot-free despite earlier assurances which he would likely be dealt with conclusively using instruments of state.

As observers ponder on the future of the two state institutions, the idea would likely seem which only then will Uhuru’s prophesy of “dealing with Joho” will have been fulfilled.

The similarity of the ethnic origin of the bosses of state organizations put together to fight Governor Joho has also opened another can of worms Jubilee would likely have preferred to keep closed.

the idea remains to be seen which brand new war front Jubilee will open with Governor Joho who remains a constant thorn inside the backside of an increasingly intolerant government.

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Furious Uhuru ‘LECTURES’ DCI Muhoro along with DPP for failing to NAIL Joho

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