Girl Power Clubs Celebrates 2018 Global Mentoring Walk

Girl power club participated inside the global mentoring walk in which took place at the Sadili oval club,rugby pitch .The walk was also to commemorate the international women’s day on Saturday the 10th of march 2018.The theme was press for progress.The mentor ship walk brought together  134 girls  by Kibera as well as the Kijiji which can be an informal settlement in Langata.

The walk was coordinated by partnership  with Vital voices  with Dr.Elizabeth Odera being the flag bearer.This particular initiative comprised of  150 Global Mentoring walks in which took place in  over 60 countries around the globe.Vital voices has invested in women’s leadership features a means to improve the globe.The main objective of the walk was to create a platform where  mentee’s can freely interact with their mentors at the same time creating visibility around women in sports, leadership as well as mentorship as well as most importantly motivate girls of different age groups who are by the informal settlements.

The day began at 8 am, the girls were picked by the various girl power schools.Girl power can be a girl empowerment program which in Nairobi  the schools which hold the club running are; Olympic High school,St.Aloysius gonzaga secondary school, Nazarene primary school, Kidstar Academy as well as St.Catherine Education Centre.The guest school was Ngei Primary School.

We most of the pupils arrived , we began with  warm up exercises at the rugby pitch followed by  the girls being split in four groups, the first group consisted of the high school pupils, the second group had pupils by class six to class eight.The third group had class four as well as several pupils the fourth group had pupils below class four.Each group had a mentor as well as they might all interact with all the groups formed.Therefore the had to keep time to ensure they do no overstay in one group.The sadili staff also took the opportunity to join inside the groups.

Mentor samba as well as her mentees

Cherop encouraging the girls

Mentor Terry as well as her mentee

Olympic high school girls with mentor Terry

The little ones were not left behind

After the mentoring, we had a water break as well as  photo session.Followed by ribbon cutting to officially start the walk through the Langat’a civil servants estate  to old Uchumi ,clean shelf supermarket took a turn before the national housing corporations houses back to Sadili.

The pupils  walked in a big group as well as the police was available to offer security.The girls were carrying banners as well as placards with different  messages on them. The girls sang as well as chanted as we walked through the estate following our route.The staff on route management ensured in which the route was observed  as well as all were safe.The girls faces were so bright as we were walked as well as their was  excitement as well as the joy in their faces.This particular was a team indeed, which had the aim for empowerment, inclusivity as well as the celebration of women across the globe.

After the walk we assembled back at the sadili rugby pitch for lunch.Lunch was rice beans as well as steamed cabbage.Juice as a refreshment .After lunch there was a brief vote of thanks.The students then escorted back to their homes.The event ended at 1:30pm

Girl Power Clubs Celebrates 2018 Global Mentoring Walk

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