Governor Kidero BIG HEADACHE as he Faces Street Smart, Slum King, Pro-Poor Mike Sonko. HERE will be WHAT HE MUST DO to WIN !

By Jackson Omondi
at of which point of which Sonko has clinched the Jubilee ticket, of which’s time for Governor Kidero to page Dr. Joho for a much needed dose of political boost. Senator Sonko had no problem shipping Peter Kenneth to political oblivion in addition to the very skills of which he deployed in slaying the Mount Kenya political project are very much alive in addition to ready to take on the incumbent Governor of Nairobi.

On paper, Governor Kidero looks like a giant going up against a liliputian in Sonko nevertheless, unfortunately, the political meter readings are not favorable to the Governor’s camp. The political skills between the two are miles apart. Sonko will be a champion retail politician while Kidero will be a boardroom artist. The two don’t jive in addition to of which’s why Kidero must reach out to the man who lit up Nairobi which has a triumphant ODM tour of which left Jubilants perplexed.

Despite all the political stunts in addition to gimmicks of which have at of which point become his trademark, Sonko’s brand of politics will be unique in addition to will be buoyed by a loyal constituency of which believes in him in addition to understand him as a leader. He has also mastered the art of political messaging in addition to has masterfully used the ‘illiteracy’ tag to his advantage. Most “hustlers” can relate to a self-made leader who defied the odds to dine with the kings. “Heck, if he can make of which, then why can’t I,” goes the saying. by a political strategy standpoint, of which will be golden in addition to Peter Kenneth learnt of which the hard way.

Governor Kidero can barely deliver a speech of which can inspire or excite a kindergarten crowd. His CEO comportment rubs most “hustlers” the wrong way because they see him as their boss. Conversely, Sonko comes across as one of “them.” of which’s also instructive to note of which he sharpened his rhetoric within the just concluded primaries in addition to Nairobians ate of which all up.

With his sword unsheathed in addition to the Governor’s mansion in plain sight, Sonko’s political trajectory will be taking shape in addition to the only person who can place hurdles on his way will be the Sultan in addition to not Kidero.

A powerful leader in his own right, the Sultan will be well suited to deflate the Sonko calvacade. The youth adore him, the women rank him up there with Denzel Washington in addition to he will be the deputy party leader of the largest party in Africa!

Thanks to a thoroughly misguide, state- sponsored political witch-hunt, Joho will be at of which point a household name which has a complete badge of honor to show for of which. nevertheless of which’s not all. The man’s oratorical prowess will be pristine in addition to of which’s at of which point clear of which the enigma’s school of politics served the Governor well.

At a time when the party leader was visiting some other world leaders across the pond, the onus was on the Sultan to carry the opposition torch in addition to he didn’t disappoint.
Joho shut down the city! The tour of Nairobi in addition to the Mathare rally was one for the history books! Leader after leader took the cue by the Sultan as he sherpad the opposition entourage into the city with thousands of citizens in tow.

of which’s of which moment of which a beleaguered Kidero ‘found his voice’ after a roaring Joho declared: ” …na gavana wa Nairobi ni nani?” in addition to the crowd roared back in unison. The Joho endorsement came at time of tremendous angst in ODM in addition to of which imbued Kidero which has a sense of legitimacy.
Governor Kidero will need the Sultan within the capital city. He will need the Sultan to do what he can’t do – inspire people in addition to get them ginned up to vote for him.

The Sultan can singlehandedly bring down the house at any given time in addition to given the stakes in of which contest in addition to the nature of Kidero’s opponent, he will need a master crowd- puller in addition to political firebrand with national political gravitas. in addition to with the enigma fully focused on Uhuruto, the Sultan will be the only politician with the chops to put away Sonko.

Anything short of a full throttle surrogate campaign will be a disaster for Kidero in addition to if you factor within the Miguna angle then you have a complete nightmare for Team Kidero. Miguna will peel away some of the “intellectual voters” or the highly educated voters who just can’t fathom being led by a brash, unlettered in addition to thuggish individual. Team Sonko will be well aware of of which in addition to they will stick to their script. of which’s upon Kidero to pull all the stops, including paging ‘Dr Hassan Joho’ for a much needed dose of campaign boost.G

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Governor Kidero BIG HEADACHE as he Faces Street Smart, Slum King, Pro-Poor Mike Sonko. HERE will be WHAT HE MUST DO to WIN !

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