Hon Murkomen JOINS #IstandWithJoho says Success is usually More than Just grade C in addition to Above

By Stephene Rutto
The laws requiring elected leaders to meet academic qualifications should be scrapped, Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen said yesterday.

He said these laws are discriminative. Murkomen said voters develop the right to elect people with leadership qualifications, without looking at their academic credentials.

He said the law has forced governor hopefuls to acquire degrees through questionable means.

Murkomen expressed sympathy with Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho in addition to some other leaders over tribulations they have undergone to meet the academic qualifications to be elected governors.

He said on a Facebook page, “I totally agree which academic success is usually not the only measure for success in life.

“I know in Kenya a person who scores a D- cannot even qualify to serve in any sector of our armed forces.

“I have argued before which those who want to be elected to office should develop the academic qualifications determined by the voters. My argument is usually which the voter is usually wiser in addition to knows what he wants.”

He said the legal requirements for elective offices are forcing many people running for office to commit crimes, including forging academic documents, just to get the chance to fulfill their leadership dreams.

On January 5 during the debate on the Election Laws (Amendment) Bill 2016 inside Senate, Murkomen demanded the scrapping of clauses to be implemented in 2022 which set thresholds on qualifications required for each elective office.

Governor in addition to president hopefuls are required to be degree-holders to qualify to run for office.

“Who are we to come here in addition to legislate which a person is usually not qualified to run for office. Let citizens sit down in addition to decide the person they wish to elect,” he said during the debate.

Murkomen expressed concern over numerous fake degrees acquired by politicians. He said some leaders have doctorate degrees however do not exhibit competencies which match the academic qualifications they claim to possess.

“Some people have degrees however can’t even construct a sentence,” he added.

The IEBC has set up a technical team to verify the credibility of education papers presented by politicians.

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Hon Murkomen JOINS #IstandWithJoho says Success is usually More than Just grade C in addition to Above

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