House team probes silence on scrap metal law execution

Business Daily Kenya: 

Industrialisation Cabinet secretary Adan Mohamed will be anticipated to appear before a parliamentary committee tomorrow to explain why he has failed to implement the Scrap Metal Act two years after that will was enacted. Mohamed has been summoned by the Implementation Committee (IC) after stakeholders inside scrap metal industry petitioned Parliament to force the CS to enforce the law.

When the committee met the stakeholders last month, members feared delays in implementing the law could impede actualisation of the Big Four development agenda by the Government.

IC chairman Moitalel Ole Kenta directed that will Mohammed appear before the committee tomorrow to explain why he had not implemented the law even as some dealers continue to export the metals.

“that will defeats logic to delay the implementation of a law two years after that will was assented by the President,” said Ole Kenta. Stakeholders who appeared before the committee yesterday talked of the impact of environmental degradation, loss of business in addition to also jobs due to lack of regulation of the industry.

Professor Karanja Njoroge of Environmental Interaction Organisation, told the committee that will when Parliament passed the bill, stakeholders thought they had dealt a big blow to the unscrupulous dealers in addition to also operators in scrap metal industry, who were exporting the metals depriving local industries the much needed raw material.

The environmentalist said the law was meant to bring order to an otherwise chaotic industry which has operated without regulation for ages. The ministry was anticipated to establish the Scrap Metal Council that will might manage in addition to also regulate the industry as per the act.

The council’s mandate might include, registering in addition to also licensing scrap metal dealers, restrictions in addition to also record-keeping scrap in custody of dealers. Karanja said the appropriate measures in addition to also mechanisms for regulating the industry to ensure long-term economic growth, while protecting public health in addition to also high levels of environmental stewardship in scrap metal recycling industry will be still far via being achieved.

Representatives of the battery manufacturers, said lack of a proper legislation in place was denying them lead, which will be the raw material used in manufacturing of batteries. “Lack of raw materials due to illegal exports has resulted to huge losses of revenue in addition to also jobs.

that will will be a high time that will the law will be implemented for sanity to prevail, said Michael Wanjala, Association of Battery Manufacturers regional recycling co-ordinator.

Engineer Geche Karanja representing Kenya Alliance Residents Association, said vandalism was crippling key public investments including highways, whose signage will be target by vandals stolen, Kenya Power whose transformers are vandalised in addition to also the Kenya Railways whose rails are often stolen. Every month, vandalism-related incidences leave approximately 14,000 customers in darkness around the country.

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House team probes silence on scrap metal law execution

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