How Successful Job Seekers use Keywords in their CV to Land Job Interviews

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would likely your CV get you an interview inside the few seconds a recruiter looks at that will? Do you think that will would likely get a big Yes coming from the hiring manager? If you are still not getting called after producing a job application, your answer to these questions is usually probably No.

although don’t lose wish yet. You can still change your odds by incorporating a few improvements. In an earlier article here, we gave you a cheat sheet to use whenever you are applying for jobs. Some job seekers have been successful after using that will, although others are still falling behind.

In today’s post, we will demonstrate how you can use keywords in your CV to improve your interview chances. Pay attention.

How to Use Keywords in Your CV as well as also also Get Shortlisted for Job Interviews

1. Study the Job Description like an Exam

Most job seekers fail in their job applications because they never read through the job description. Others will take their time to read, although will not tailor their CVs accordingly. I don’t know which job seeker you are, although if you want to get the interview, you must align your CV with the job. that will is usually the quickest as well as also also easiest way to get shortlisted.

When you see a fresh position that will you meet qualifications, remember to take note of the job title, important skills required, role summary as well as also also the duties listed. This particular is usually where you’ll find the keywords to use when tweaking your CV.

2. Make Sure Your Job Titles Mirror the Job’s keywords

Job titles tell a lot about your past experience. They can help upsell your suitability or ruin your chances completely. I’ll give you an example to help you understand.

Let’s say you come across a job advert looking for an Accountant with 1 to 2 years of experience. You have CPA qualifications, an internship, as well as also also an Assistant Accounts Clerk role that will extends to the 1-year mark. Clearly, you are qualified to apply for the position.

although when the recruiter or employer opens your CV attachment, what they see in your work experience section is usually, “Assistant at XYZ Company” as well as also also “Intern at ABC” company. You forgot to edit the job titles accordingly. You assumed the recruiter will read your CV word for word as well as also also determine that will you are qualified. Well, that will right there is usually a failed job application.

In such a scenario, you could tailor your job titles to read “Accounting Clerk Assistant at XYZ Company” as well as also also “Accountant Intern at XYZ Company”. While they may not be the exact job titles in your contract, they still mean the same thing. that will is usually not a lie. Also, that will little tweak will make the recruiter want to read more.

3. Don’t Forget about Your Duties & Responsibilities

Like the job title, your duties as well as also also responsibilities need to mirror what is usually inside the job advert. although please, Do Not Copy as well as also also Paste! The recruiter will know, as well as also also he or she will not give you a chance. Borrow the words used inside the job description to make sure the duties in your CV show your relevant experience.

Also, the duties play an important part inside the shortlisting process as they help to convince the recruiter of your qualifications. This particular is usually especially so when your Job title misrepresents what you actually do. I’ll give the example of an that will Assistant job title.

In most cases, when a recruiter sees This particular title on your CV, they think support as well as also also maintenance. They don’t see web design capabilities or software development, even though some of your tasks may include these. So if they were looking to hire someone with web design experience, you may get bypassed if your CV just reads that will Assistant with no mention of web design under duties.

although if you were to include that will requirement among the top 5 responsibilities, then the recruiter would likely spot that will as well as also also move your CV to the Yes pile. This particular, of course, is usually for those who actually develop the said experience.

4. What to Always Remember

Keywords play an important role inside the selection process. They are what recruiters as well as also also employers use when searching for candidates in a database as well as also also when skimming a CV to decide who to call for the interview. that will’s why you’ll always be advised not to use the same CV to apply for every job.

If you want to get the interview as well as also also are committed to producing that will happen, make these minor edits.

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How Successful Job Seekers use Keywords in their CV to Land Job Interviews

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