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Cat Spray Stop – How to stop your cat from spraying – Official Review

Cats are near and dear to my heart because they are such a delight to have as pets, but they do come with some challenges. One of the most annoying problems that can almost destroy the relationship between cat and owner is urine marking. How do you stop cat spraying? Keep reading to find out why this behavior occurs and what you can do about it.

I am sure you are seeking a remedy for your pets spraying problem, but to solve this issue, you need to know why your cat is spraying in the first place.

First identify whether your kitty is deliberately avoiding its litter box or is displaying a marking behavior. There is a distinct difference. Although unpleasant and annoying, Marking or spraying, is very normal, an instinctual feline behavior.

The two main reasons for spraying are either a sign of sexual maturity or a sign of anxiety.

If a male cat has reached his sexual maturity, usually around 5 months, he will begin spraying. Likewise, when female cats are in heat, they will spray as well, communicating to male cats her readiness to procreate. The solution, if this is the case, is simple, get your cat neutered or spayed. This will stop or reduce this behavior significantly.

If your kitty has been fixed and is still spraying, then your pet is communicating his or her anxiety or frustration. Cats are habitual and territorial by nature, so if anything in a cats environment appears threatening, spraying can result.

What might these be? Below are the most common reasons for spraying:

Sharing a home with other pets

Perceiving any outside animals as a threat

Significant changes in your household

What can you do? You know your cat better than anyone else; watch your pet closely to see what might be triggering this behavior.

Always make sure your cat is in good health. Once you have established this, you can take some steps to stop the spraying.

The first critical step is removing the smell of urine thoroughly where the marking took place. Any lingering odor allows your cat to continue marking the same location or object again and again.

If you are in a multi-pet home, allow your cat some of his or her own space – perhaps a confined space with his or her food, toys and bed. This will give your cat a sense of his or her own territory. The second step is to give your cat some undivided attention, letting your kitty know he or she is loved.

To reduce anxiety in your cat, make sure your cat feels secure. One way to do this is to establish a routine in your home, even if something in your environment has changed. Keep your cats routine intact and give your kitty some additional TLC. This will reassure your cat that everything is OK and he or she will soon adjust to any situation smoothly.

Do not give up on your cat. Instead, work with your cat and create a happy and loving environment where you and your pet can enjoy an everlasting harmonious relationship.

Find out exactly what steps you need to take to stop cats spraying behavior. You want to make sure that you not only eliminate this behavior, but prevent future spraying from occurring.

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