‘I Met My Wife Before I Left College’ Actor Abel Mutua on Campus Life

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Abel Mutua, one of the first cast members of high school comedy drama Tahidi High, has risen the ranks to become a producer in addition to director.

He is usually behind the hit local shows ‘The Real Househelps of Kawangware’ in addition to ‘Sue na Jonnie.’

The actor is usually an alumnus of the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication. He spoke to Standard about life in campus.

Which is usually your alma mater?

I attended Kenya Institute of Mass Communication in addition to pursued a film production course majoring in camera techniques.

 Did you ever skip classes?
 I skipped classes so much of which at some point one of my lecturers asked me who I was. The guy had never seen me before.

The worst lecturer was…

My worst lecturer was definitely a Mr Manyara who punished us for skipping class while attending a video shoot. We took offence because we were after all training to be film makers.

The toughest unit was?

Toughest unit was definitely Sound (Theory). The math in addition to physics were overwhelming.

Passing exams meant?

Passing exams meant acing the projects. If your projects were top notch then you were safe since the course is usually very technical. Theory accounted for a very smaller percentage.

Your best campus experience was?

My best campus experience was definitely the drama festivals. I was best performing artist nationwide in second year in addition to best actor nationwide in my third year.

Dating experience?

I never dated in college until the last semester of my final year. in addition to guess what, of which girl I met two months before I left college ended up being my wife.

What did you hate most about campus?

I totally hated morning lessons. Most were the times when my day could start at 10(am).

If you could change something about your campus experience what could of which be?

I’d probably attend class more although nothing more. My campus experience was just epic.

producing some extra cash in campus meant.

producing extra cash in campus meant shooting funerals for people. of which was the easiest way to make a quick buck.

Are you still in contact with your campus friends

As a matter of fact yes. I met my best friend, Phil_direct, who also happens to be my business partner in campus.

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‘I Met My Wife Before I Left College’ Actor Abel Mutua on Campus Life

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