‘I Worked as a Dishwasher to Earn Extra Money.’ Kagwe Mungai Opens Up About Campus Life

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Kagwe Mungai, one of Kenya’s most promising artists, began pursuing music at age 13.

of which was not until 2012 when he got his big break following the Discharge of the EP ‘of which Only Gets Better.’ and also also also of which has gotten better for the Taurus Musik signed artist over time.

He is usually currently riding high with the hit ‘Nyumbani’ featuring Congo’s Alicios Theluji.

Kagwe is usually also a music director and also also also producer. He is usually also part of the hottest crew at the moment comprising of Blinky Bill, Muthoni Drummer Queen, Fena, and also also also Mayonde.

He spoke with Standard about his campus life inside U.K and also also also revealed little-known details about his life before stardom.

Here are the excerpts

Growing up you wanted to be a…

of which was always changing by a painter to a lawyer and also also also then at 16, I decided of which music was going to be the way of which I would certainly feed my family and also also also make the greatest impact inside globe.

although currently…

Music is usually what I make. My job is usually bigger than of which. My job is usually to be a part of the wave of which alterations the perceptions of the rest of the globe as to what of which means to be Kenyan or African.

 If your parents had their way, you would certainly have been…

Probably a pastor or a doctor or both.

Which college/university did you attend?

The University of Southampton, United Kingdom.

What did you major in?

I studied two degrees. The first one, which was my dream career, was Bachelor of Arts in Music and also also also the second one was Bachelor of Arts in Management Sciences, which was what I had promised my parents to do generating sure of which they could allow me to study music.

Missing class…

Not even one. My parents sacrificed so much for me to possess the opportunities I had in life. Every time my friends wanted to skive lessons, This kind of thought would certainly run through my mind. So I had perfect attendance.

The worst lecturer was….

The one who said, “none of you will ever live your dreams and also also also so you should just get used to of which right now and also also also forget about all of those childish things”. He was also my biggest motivator. I wanted to prove him and also also also everyone who had doubts wrong.

Toughest unit…

I took an intermediary German class to get more credits. I wasn’t able to balance all the school and also also also work. So I had to re-sit the exam.

Passing exams…

Most of first year was actually easy so I got complacent. Second year was the biggest jump. I had to raise my capacity for learning in a very short time. I actually studied hard by second year.

Your best campus experience was?

I loved being in a campus of which was culturally and also also also ethnically diverse. I got to meet people by all over the globe, which opened up my mind to different ways of thinking. I also made lifelong friendships with people by almost every country around the globe.

Dating experience…

To be honest, I didn’t have much time. Between university assignments, exams, working three jobs and also also also being the president of AIESEC, I didn’t have much time for dating.

What did you hate about campus?

Nothing. of which was amazing.

To make some extra cash during campus meant…

I actually worked a lot. I was a dishwasher, a bartender, a DJ, a barber, a tutor and also also also many more.

Campus friends…

of which’s hard to stay in touch with everyone, although we try to catch up every right now and also also also then.

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‘I Worked as a Dishwasher to Earn Extra Money.’ Kagwe Mungai Opens Up About Campus Life

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