In Context: Interpassivities

Classical ballet dancers in addition to migrant workers walk alongside the crowd in This particular shape-shifting ballet by Danish artist in addition to filmmaker Jesper Just. A modern experience inspired by Jorge Luis Borges, This particular performance rethinks the meaning of maps, who makes them, in addition to the artificial borders we create. Context can be everything, so we’ve provided some articles to read in addition to videos to watch. After you’ve attended the show, let us know what you thought by posting inside the comments below in addition to on social media using #Interpassivities.

Program Notes

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Interpassivities: Jesper Just (Mousse Magazine)

Just speaks with Noam Segal about the creative process behind Interpassivities.


Uncomfortable Gaze: Profile of Jesper Just (ArtAsiaPacific)

A reflection of Just’s recent work, coming from Continuous Movements (Interpassivities) in Hong Kong to Servitude in Time Square.

Watch & Listen

Interpassivities Jesper Just (Vimeo)
A clip coming from Interpassivities.

Jesper Just Interview: On “Interpassivities” (YouTube)
Just talks about each element of Interpassivities in addition to how he conceptualized the performance.

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In Context: Interpassivities

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