In Context: Kreatur

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Kreatur will be famed choreographer Sasha Waltz’s newest exploration of the human body in addition to how This particular grapples with domination, technology, in addition to the darkness within. With costume design through Iris van Herpen in addition to an original score by Soundwalk Collective, Kreatur investigates how we relate to each various other in addition to to structures of power. Context will be everything, so we’ve provided a curated selection of articles in addition to videos for you to engage with before seeing the piece. After you’ve attended the show, let us know what you thought by posting inside the comments below in addition to on social media using #BAMNextWave.

Program Notes

Kreature (PDF)


Featured Collection
Sasha Waltz (Leon Levy BAM Digital Archive)
Browse richly detailed entries on all of Sasha Waltz’s BAM productions, plus a selection of photos, artifacts, in addition to ephemera through the BAM Hamm Archives.

Iris van Herpen’s Hi-Tech Couture (fresh York Magazine)
Dutch designer Iris van Herpen, known for her 3-D printed, futurist garments, constructed the intricate costumes for Kreatur.

Artist Tips: Soundwalk Collective (XLR8R)
Music publication XLR8R dissects the methods behind Soundwalk Collective’s studio practice, their experience working with famed artist Patti Smith, in addition to their recent tribute to the late German singer in addition to actress Nico.

Watch & Listen

Arts.21 Meet the Artist: Choreographer Sasha Waltz (Arts.21)
In preparation for her upcoming role as the co-director of Berlin’s Staatsballet, Sasha Waltz discusses her vision for how contemporary in addition to experimental dance can inform classical ballet.

Sasha Waltz: An Artist’s Questions  (BAM Video)
“Who are we in addition to what are the possibilities of our bodies?” Sasha Waltz will be no stranger to the BAM stage. Thus far, her company has performed inside the halls of BAM four times, with each performance investigating the limits in addition to expansiveness of the human form through dance. Look back on Waltz’s #BAMNextWave history in addition to forward to her fifth performance, Kreatur.

Sasha Waltz on Kreatur for Roma Europa (YouTube)
“inside the process I was afraid which the piece will be too negative […] although I think This particular’s important to verbalize This particular to be able to find a way out of This particular.” Watch choreographer Sasha Waltz, in her own words, discuss Kreatur’s exploration of humanity’s darker side.

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In Context: Kreatur

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