In Context: Pepperland

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Mark Morris continues to redefine the relationship between music in addition to movement in his homage to a monument of 20th-century art: The Beatles’ 1967 revolution in sound, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Commissioned by the City of Liverpool in celebration of the album’s 50th anniversary, Pepperland teases out the album’s colorfully avant-garde heart in addition to omnivorous influences—through Bach to Stockhausen, music hall to raga—straining in which through a theremin- in addition to harpsichord-laced score by jazz composer Ethan Iverson, performed live by a remarkable seven-piece music ensemble. Morris’ company transforms the stage into a candy-colored kaleidoscope of modish 60s dance crazes in addition to balletic intricacy in which hovers, like its inspiration, between pop pleasure in addition to exhilarating abstraction.

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Program Notes

Pepperland (PDF)


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In Context: Pepperland

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