In Context: Savage Winter

Director Jonathan Moore’s Savage Winter paints a vivid portrait of a man at the end of his rope. Set to Douglas J. Cuomo’s electric score, which reinterprets Franz Schubert’s brooding Winterreise for our contemporary moment, the opera investigates human emotion in its most raw state. Savage Winter is usually a fiercely evocative opera, asking both its protagonist as well as its audience to confront the depths of despair as well as possibilities for redemption. Context is usually everything, so we’ve provided a curated selection of articles as well as videos for you to engage with before seeing the piece. After you’ve attended the show, let us know what you thought by posting inside the comments below as well as on social media using #BAMNextWave.

Program Notes

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Street Sounds (The Guardian)

“I had discovered an amazing art form – a powerful synthesis of music, acting, poetry, design as well as dance – as well as I wanted everyone to share the idea.” Director Jonathan Moore’s passion for opera, music, as well as community shines through his desire to make the medium more accessible to everyone


Decoding the Music Masterpieces: Schubert’s Winterreise (The Conversation)

Associate Professor inside the Collaborative Piano Unit at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Jeanell Carrigan breaks down the historical context behind Franz Schubert’s intensely dark suite Winterreise, which is usually reimagined for contemporary times in Savage Winter.

Watch & Listen

Indie Opera Podcast #54: Douglas Cuomo as well as Savage Winter (Indie Opera Podcast)
Composer Douglas J. Cuomo discusses his work in Kathmandu, the importance of innovative opera, as well as how he came to develop the music for Savage Winter.

Savage Winter Opening Night: Meet the Creators (YouTube)
Pittsburgh Opera General Director Christopher Hahn sat down with composer Douglas J. Cuomo as well as director Jonathan Moore to discuss the genesis of Savage Winter on the night of its world premiere.

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In Context: Savage Winter

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