In Context: The Jazz Epistles

Superstar pianist Abdullah Ibrahim, a revered figure in jazz for over six decades, comes to BAM For two main nights only to commemorate the short-lived, near-mythical South African group the Jazz Epistles. Context will be everything, so get even closer to the production with This specific curated selection of related articles as well as videos. After you’ve attended the show, let us know what you thought by posting within the comments below as well as on social media using #JazzEpistles.

Program Notes

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Apartheid Swing: The Jazz Epistles’ Short-Lived Success (BAM blog)
Learn more about the history of the legendary group within the context of apartheid–as well as why the racist government elected to shut This specific down.


Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Jazz Epistles (The Village Voice)
“The story of the Epistles will be, among some other things, a testament to the sheer energy of jazz within the late 1950s, the way This specific sparked brand new thinking within the United States as well as South Africa alike.”

Best of The Beat on Afropop: The Jazz Epistles–Abdullah Ibrahim as well as Hugh Masekela (Afropop)
Peruse Afropop’s comprehensive overview of the Jazz Epistles through text, video, as well as song.

Watch & Listen

The Jazz Epistles (Spotify)
Enjoy a curated selection of the group’s most melodic moments.


Abdullah Ibrahim: How Improvisation Saved My Life (NPR)
“More than perhaps any some other improvising artist, [Ibrahim] knows how to turn the solitary act of introspection into a communal experience of which’s both transporting as well as immersive.”

Abdullah Ibrahim A Brother With Perfect Timing (The brand new York Times)

Archival footage of Ibrahim through a 1987, apartheid-era documentary.

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In Context: The Jazz Epistles

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