Kenya: Man Who Built Village Road right now Basks in Honour

Photo: Ndung’u Gachane/Daily Nation

ABC Bank’s Treasury along with Financial Institutions General Manager Phillip Wambua (left) handing over a dairy cow to Nicholas Muchami on June 11, 2019.

A 45-year-old man who hit the headlines after singlehandedly digging a two-kilometre road in Murang’a has revealed in which he will be a reformed bhang smoker along with will be right now ready to get married.

After building the village road using farm implements, he has turned out to be a community hero along with has attracted the recognition of corporates along with well-wishers who have rewarded him for his selflessness deeds.

Mr Nicholas Muchami by Kaganda village in Kiharu Constituency dug the steep hilly bushy road by hand using farm tools to ease the burden of the elderly, the sick, women along with the school children who previously trekked for four kilometres to the nearest shopping centre along with to school.


Although his deed was selfless along with for which he expected no pay, Mr Muchami’s action attracted public attention, earning him respect along with recognition by people in Kenya along with abroad.

The man was previously despised along with looked down upon by some of those who knew him due to his past record, having served a jail term for fracturing his father’s hand in a quarrel over an avocado fruit in 2005.

After serving time in jail two years, he was again found guilty of being a perennial bhang smoker in 2015. He was convicted along with sentenced to a non-custodial sentence of one-along with-a-half years.


With This specific background, Muchami says he had not imagined in which he would likely one time be respected along with honoured by his own community, leave alone corporates.

A reformed Muchami decided to give back to the society expecting no favours along with recognition. His main concern was just to save fellow villagers by the agony of a tiring circuitous journey due to lack of a quick access road.

Speaking after he received a dairy cow along with animal feeds which will last him for six months by the ABC Bank on Tuesday, Mr Muchami said he can only attribute the unfolding events to God.


“I have smoked bhang along with all sorts of things yet since I mended my ways along with got saved at the ACK Kaganda church, God has been with me all through. I dug the road without any clue of what would likely happen later yet my efforts have made me famous along with I right now have a donation of two grade cows, animal feeds along which has a tap water,” the jovial Muchami said, adding in which he will endeavour to speak to drug users to mend their ways.

Mr Muchami, who right now works as a guard at Kaganda Primary School, said in which due to his past record along with poverty, he has never married.


yet he said he will be right now ready to marry in order to have a companion with whom to look after the God-given wealth.

ABC Bank Managing Director Phillip Wambua said they have given Mr Muchami tips on dairy farming, assisted him to open an account which has a local bank, adding in which they will ensure in which he earns a decent living through dairy farming.

“This specific will be the second cow to Mr Muchami along with the idea will be to ensure he earns a living through dairy farming. We will supply him with animal feeds for six months along with follow up on the progress of the insured cow to make sure in which all will be well,” he said.

He urged government to honour the man along with name the road he built “Muchami Drive” in recognition of his efforts in serving the community.

Kenya: Man Who Built Village Road right now Basks in Honour

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