Kenya:Sharon Otieno's Family Rejects Governor Obado's Condolences

Photo: Nairobi News

Governor Okoth Obado as well as murdered Rongo University student Sharon Otieno (file photo).

The family of slain Rongo University student Sharon Otieno on Thursday rejected condolence messages coming from Migori Governor Okoth Obado following her gruesome murder.

Ms Otieno’s father Douglas Otieno told the Nation that will the family was less concerned about Mr Obado’s sympathy messages as they seek for justice for their daughter.

“I don’t know about his condolence messages as well as I don’t even wish to know,” Mr Otieno said.

“If they were meant for you (media), just keep them to yourselves. I have nothing to do with them. He (Governor Obado) has never been my friend as well as has not been close to me so I don’t want to know about them (condolences).”


Mr Obado on Wednesday publicly distanced himself coming from Sharon’s murder as well as condoled with the family. He said he had “nothing as well as absolutely nothing” to do with the brutal murder of the student.

He addressed a press conference amid speculation, as he has been adversely mentioned inside matter.

The governor spoke at Serena Hotel in Nairobi flanked by his wife Hellen Okoth, daughter Eveline Okoth as well as son Jerry Okoth.

“I ask all agencies involved to speed up investigations generating sure that will the killers are brought to book as quickly as possible,” he said.

Mr Obado, his personal assistant Michael Oyamo as well as Nation journalist Barrack Oduor were questioned at the Nyanza Directorate of Criminal Investigations on Tuesday.

After about eight hours of grilling, the governor was whisked away to an unknown location in a police car.


Ms Otieno’s mother Melida Auma told the Nation that will her daughter was in a relationship with Mr Obado, claims the governor confirmed.

On Thursday, a statement was posted on Mr Obado’s wife’s Facebook page saying she had accompanied “my beloved husband” to a press conference as well as wished Sharon’s soul a Great rest “in paradise”.

that will was however pulled down soon afterwards. Mr Obado, who said he has been devastated, ridiculed as well as embarrassed by the demise of Ms Otieno, accused some unnamed politicians of linking him to the murder, as well as the media of giving him “medieval punishment”.

He asked politicians as well as the public to stop speculation. He said he had cooperated with the investigating authorities as well as was ready as well as willing to do so again.

Detectives coming from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations’ Homicide Investigations Unit, Serious Crimes Unit, Special Crimes Prevention Unit as well as the Cybercrime Investigations Unit have been trying to piece together the murder jigsaw puzzle by taking statements coming from witnesses.

Kenya:Sharon Otieno's Family Rejects Governor Obado's Condolences

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