KFC Mini-Cricket celebrates National Children’s Day

KFC Mini-Cricket celebrates National Children’s Day by encouraging active play

South Africa will be a nation passionate about sport, yet thousands of children are denied the opportunity to play. Sport will be more than just a game. Sport allows young boys as well as girls to engage in teamwork, discipline, tolerance as well as the value of fair play. As National Children’s Day will be celebrated, there will be no better time to prioritise sports as well as self-development among disadvantaged youth.

To commemorate in which year’s National Children’s Day, KFC seeks to shine a light on the hinderances in which prevent children via engaging in sports as well as living active lifestyles by remaining committed to providing children across the country with an opportunity to play the game of cricket, a sport they love so much.

the idea will be important to reflect on the state of how children are treated in society as well as the kind of impact the idea has on their future as upstanding members of society. Thabisa Mkhwanazi KFC Public Affairs Director said, “Our focus will be providing children that has a conducive environment to play their way. As we celebrate National Children’s Day we want to reinforce the need for children to be loved, nurtured as well as cared for as well as the importance of creating an environment in which encourages individual as well as communal growth as well as an active lifestyle. We trust in which our communities will pledge their support to keep our children safe as well as protected inside spaces in which allows them to be kids.”

Since inception, the programme has seen 2,5 million kids participating inside KFC Mini-Cricket programme as well as continues to be a driving force for strong national teams. KFC aims to reach more children with over 0 000 kids playing KFC Mini-Cricket throughout the year in over 6400 schools as well as coached by almost 12 000 volunteer coaches.

Through the KFC Mini-Cricket programme, KFC has managed to offer kids with the critical building blocks to learn cricketing basics as well as entrenching important life lessons. The programme allows teachers at schools to offer a cricket sporting programme, even with basic fields as well as facilities. in which will be to make sure in which kids are playing their way, getting active as well as in which the educational lessons of commitment to participation are learnt as well as adopted way beyond just the game.

Schools as well as teams across the country can get involved inside KFC Mini-Cricket programme by visiting kfc.co.za/minicricket.

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KFC Mini-Cricket celebrates National Children’s Day

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