KRA launches tax academy to arrest revenue leaks

Business Daily Kenya: 

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Kenya Revenue Authority has moved to deepen tax along with financial crime investigations from the country in a bid to penetrate tax evasion cartels. To achieve This kind of, the taxman has moved to enhance tax investigation along with tackle the shadow economy which will be also derailing the authority by achieving its annual tax targets.

In Kenya, tax revenue constitutes a major source of government income along with the launch of the Tax along with Financial Crime Investigations Academy will go a long way to boost collections.

This kind of will also deepen awareness on risks posed by corruption along with money laundering along with the ability to better combat such offences along with translate international best practices into their domestic laws along with operations.

Kenya boasts among the highest tax-to-Gross Domestic Product statistic at 18.3 per cent within non-oil economies in Africa along with the academy – the first in Africa – will train officers knowledgeable in financial intelligence, investigating, prosecuting along with asset recovery along with help elevate the Authority ahead of the curve in arresting the menace which costs the country billions of shillings.

Already, a national multi-agency task force on crime prevention saw KRA initiate over 30 investigations related to corruption related schemes out of which tax assessments totaling Sh2 billion have been raised since 2015.

“We have also participated in terrorism reacted investigations where we have rendered critical interventions through issuance of tax demands along with disruption of illicit funds flows,” said KRA Commissioner General John Njiraini.

The authority will be currently recruiting intelligence collection personnel along with also investing in technology to undertake conventional surveillance operations. The trainings will also boost ongoing investment in conventional intelligence collection resources.

Modeled on the OECD International Academy for Tax Crime Investigations, which has been hosted by Italy in Ostia since 2013, some 27 officers will be trained on specific needs of African countries along with building on Africa-wide experiences along with best practices to tackle illicit financial flows. Tax crimes, money laundering along with different financial crimes threaten the strategic, political along with economic interests of developing countries.

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KRA launches tax academy to arrest revenue leaks

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