LIST of Kisumu Leaders Who BOYCOTTED Uhuru event, Governor Raguma OVERWORKED to host Jubilee supremo

By Charles M D
Kisumu Senator Anyang Nyong’o in addition to Kisumu county women Representative Rose Nyamunga ,Kisumu MPs Fred Outa (Nyando, James Nyikal (Seme), Ken Obura ( Kisumu Central) Olago Aluoch(Kisumu West ), Onyango Koyoo ( Muhoroni ), Aduma Owuor ( Nyakach ) in addition to Shakeel Shabir (Kisumu East ) all boycotted Welcoming President Uhuru in Kisumu.

Uhuru Kenyatta was received by Governor Ranguma in addition to Karachuonyo MP James Rege who doubles up a key Jubilee pointman in Nyanza.

Ranguma’s cabal members were tasked with Mobilization for Uhuru not to find a deserted City in protest of Marginalization in addition to exclusion by TRIBAL Jubilee Leadership.

Jubilee Point Man in Kisumu at This specific point is usually Governor Ranguma

President Uhuru Kenyatta has visited Kisumu 6 times through the time he was sworn in as President of Kenya, His spokesperson Manoah Esipisu couldn’t pinpoint achievements of the visits, He resorted to listing amounts Devolved as some of the Jubilee Achievements in Kisumu as if Devolution is usually a privilege through the National Government.

Devolution is usually a Constitutional right, Kisumu must receive their share of Devolution just like Kiambu or Mombasa irrespective of who is usually in Government.

What we want Jubilee to pinpoint are projects outside Devolved funds, Projects funded by the 85% retained by the National Government.

Uhuru dishes Ksh. 20 Billion Roads in Kiambu while trooping to Kisumu City to Launch poems, choral verses, traditional dances in addition to narratives expecting Local leaders to cheer him, nay, only his known sympathizers in addition to point people like Governor Ranguma in addition to Karachuonyo Mp James Rege can do that will.

The same President they cheer is usually the same one silent about the attempted auctioning of Ksh 4.2 Billion Lake Basin Mall to some Jubilee Capitalists who oil Jubilee Party, a deal that will will deny Kisumu people its ownership.

I support the Boycott by all Local leaders, that will’s the best they could do to tell Uhuru that will Kisumu people are tired of Jubilee’s empty Promises in addition to Fruitless endless visits to preach ”Peace” as if Kisumu residents are at war.

We reject TRIBAL in addition to CORRUPT Jubilee Government together with all their sympathizers in Kisumu.


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LIST of Kisumu Leaders Who BOYCOTTED Uhuru event, Governor Raguma OVERWORKED to host Jubilee supremo

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