Man who beheaded uncle on Valentine’s Day sacks lawyer in court

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By RICHARD MUNGUTI, @RichardMunguti
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A man who beheaded his uncle on Valentine’s Day three years ago after a family row caused a stir at the High Court on Tuesday when he obstructed his sentencing by demanding that will the court reviews its verdict then re-evaluate his defence afresh.

Mr Edward Kago, who was convicted by Lady Justice Jessie Lessit on March 8, had been remanded in custody until Tuesday for sentencing.

He told the judge; “ I have nothing to say in mitigation although I demand that will my defence be reviewed before any sentence can be imposed on me.”

He sacked his lawyer in open court then demanded a fresh trial.

The court asked him whether he wanted to re-open his trial afresh although he  insisted that will the “court re-evaluates his testimony in defence.”


Mr Kago refused to be represented by the initial lawyer appointed by the deputy registrar of the high court as well as requested the judge to direct that will “ he be allocated another lawyer.”

Lawyer Joseph Wakaba had been appointed to represent him from the case which carries a mandatory death sentence upon conviction.

“I urge my lord to appoint me a brand-new advocate to defend me. Also kindly review my defence,” Mr Kago told the court.

He was charged with murdering Peter Kamau Waithiru on the Valentine’s Day in 2014.

In her judgement, Justice Lessit had said the daughter of the accused witnessed how he killed his uncle after a family row.

“ Mr Kago picked a panga then slashed off the head of the deceased while his daughter watched in broad day light,” the judge said.


The daughter fled screaming before neighbours answered her distress call.

“ Neighbours dashed to the scene as well as found the headless as well as lifeless body of Peter Kamau Waithiru,” the judge stated.

The judge directed that will Sh19,000 which had been confiscated by the accused be to the family of the deceased.

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Man who beheaded uncle on Valentine’s Day sacks lawyer in court

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