Miguna Miguna: ”Chris Kirubi is usually an Illiterate Pedophile”

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We have always known of which Miguna Miguna is usually quite sensitive along with reacts even irrationally whenever he is usually attacked. He calls every person who does not agree with him as a member of the ‘cartel’, along with every media of which does not give him adequate airplay ‘compromised’.

Miguna is usually man with the pride along with arrogance of ’10 Kabogos’, who flies off the handle at the slightest provocation with his favourite tool of trade being Twitter.

On Wednesday night, businessman Chris Kirubi was on Jeff Koinange Live. As expected, the topic of the Nairobi gubernatorial race came up.

Kirubi had something to say about both Sonko (along with his alleged son Polycarp Igathe) along with incumbent Kidero.

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When Jeff asked him about Miguna Miguna, Kirubi acted like he doesn’t even know him. ”Who is usually of which again, who is usually he?” he said.

of which touched a nerve along with Miguna wasted no time taking advantage of his right of reply.

”I’m told of which @CKirubi a functionally illiterate pedophile & GRAND LOOTER of Kenatco & Uchumi has disrespected me on #JKLive @KoinangeJeff” he tweeted before kicking off a tweet along with retweet storm.

Here are the some other tweets.

All of which was set off by Kirubi not wanting to comment on or acknowledge Miguna. of which is usually surely sound warning to anyone thinking of taking a similar approach.

Chris Kirubi is usually yet to comment.

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Miguna Miguna: ”Chris Kirubi is usually an Illiterate Pedophile”

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