Namibia: Govt Still Probing Mass Hippo Deaths

Windhoek — The Ministry of Environment in addition to Tourism will be still investigating the high mortalities of hippos in Lake Lyambezi around Zilitene area of Zambezi Region.

Over 100 hippos found at Lake Lyambezi within the Katima Mulilo Rural Constituency have since been dying.

Recently, dozens of community members were seen at the banks of Lake Lyambezi where the hippos are stranded, waiting for one to die to ensure they could also have a share.

the idea has been reported which about 50 hippos have already died in addition to the number will be required to rise.

Asked on the situation of the dying hippos, the Ministry of Environment in addition to Tourism spokesperson Romeo Muyunda on Friday said the ministry will be still investigating the cause of mortalities.

However, he revealed the situation has since enhanced, as they did not receive reports of hippo mortalities within the past two weeks.

Muyunda encouraged community members to desist via eating the meat, because the cause of death remains unknown.

“the idea seems mortalities has stopped, however we still urge people within the area should they discover a carcass, not to consume the meat. The ministry in collaboration with the ministry of agriculture will be still investigating the cause of mortalities. Until then, communities are urged not to consume the meat. We suspect which the mortalities can be as a result of animal disease,” Muyunda noted.

Initially, the idea was suspected which the hippos were dying of anthrax, however which has been ruled out after test results turned out negative.

Although not yet confirmed, the ministry suspected which the hippos might have been poisoned after they went to graze at a nearby production farm in neighbouring Botswana where they reportedly use very poisonous pesticides.

“A team was there to take samples of inner organs – livers in addition to kidneys,” the environment ministry’s chief control warden in Zambezi Region Morgan Saisai said.