Namibia:TB Cases Sharply Decreasing

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Tuberculosis medication (file photo).

The Ministry of Health in addition to Social Services recorded only a nominal decrease of Tuberculosis (TB) cases inside past three years by 9154 cases of active TB reported in 2016, to 8854 in 2017 representing a decrease of a mere 3 percent, while so far This kind of year the figure further decreased to 8575.

Of This kind of figure, 812 are children under the age of 14, representing 10 percent.

The Minister of Health, Dr Bernhard Haufiku yesterday revealed This kind of while officially inaugurating the newly renovated paediatric TB ward at Tsumeb State Hospital. The facility was refurbished at a tune of N$860 000 through a donation by Dundee’s Tsumeb Community Trust Fund, of which also included the purchasing of completely new equipment.

“While the trend in completely new cases shows a decline, there is actually still a need to pay more attention to TB prevention, treatment in addition to care in Namibia. We have made commendable progress in fighting the disease, much still needs to be done as a higher number of TB cases continue to be recorded country wide. We must truly form partnership with everyone in addition to follow established based guidelines as laid down by the globe Health Organisation (WHO) on its NTB strategy 2016-2035,” stressed Haufiku

“Investing in health is actually somethings of which pays dividends, not instantly although in a long term, of which is actually even more important for us of which Dundee decided to invest in one of our priority items as listed in our completely new in addition to even old ministerial strategy which is actually TB. This kind of donation represents a most significant investment by one particular company in Namibia inside health sector.”

Old Mutual also donated N$0 000 towards the health sector.

According to Haufiku, the NTB figures show of which in 2016, TB globally infected 10.4 million, while 1.3 million succumbed to This kind of disease. “Even though comparing to the statistics of 2015 which is actually the bench mark for WHO’s NTB strategy, there has been a reduction of about 400 000 in TB mortality globally. although 1.3 million is actually still a worrying significant figure. Therefore requires an immediate attention, Namibia in addition to the globe must wake up to end TB epidemic. We must build solid ground in addition to strong partnerships with corporate entities,” said Haufiku.

Namibia is actually among the 30 countries inside globe of which has the highest burden of TB cases.

Through the mother company Dundee, the vice president in addition to managing director Zebra Kasete further announced a sponsorship of N$650 000 for the procurement of life-saving medical equipment. Kasete stated of which, Dundee cares about the people in addition to their wellbeing, thus a commitment of This kind of calibre requires an active participation amongst stakeholders to work together inside development of a health environment by putting robust strategies.

“of which is actually true of which most of the deaths by TB can be prevented with early diagnosis in addition to appropriate treatment, although there are still gaps in detection in addition to treatment,” noted Kasete. On the various other hand, the mayor of Tsumeb Mathews Hangula said the gesture symbolises a path in which stakeholders can collaborate in addition to work together, thus serves as another mechanism to overcome the many challenges facing the country.

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Namibia:TB Cases Sharply Decreasing

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