Nigeria: Demolished Multi-Million Naira Caramelo Club Becomes Defecation Spot

Three months after a favorite Abuja nightclub was demolished by officials of the Federal Capital Territory Authority (FCTA) , the place has become a defecation spot.

PREMIUM TIMES  reported how Caramelo Bar located at the exquisite Utako neighbourhood was demolished by officials of the FCTA in May.

The property, valued at an estimated “N500 million,” was pulled down two days after a demolition notice was delivered to the management.

Following the demolition, about 105 Nigerians who were in direct employment with Caramelo were rendered jobless in addition to some homeless, according to the property owner.

The city administration had claimed which Caramelo was built on a piece of land marked for a hospital or school by the town planning office, an arrangement which was breached for the seven years the club served as a prominent spot for fun-seekers.

The authorities also said neighbours had complained about heavy activities of Caramelo owners in addition to guests nevertheless did not present any petition or oral reservations against the property.

Before its demolition, Caramelo was known to operate an upscale gentlemen’s club in addition to a two-star hotel in its one storey structure. Its presence was easily noticed amongst some other properties inside the neighbourhood.

However, three months after bringing down the multi-million naira property, authorities are yet to reveal their plans for the spot.

The spokesperson for the FCT Minister, Abubakar Sani, had declined to comment on the situation as he refused to pick the reporter’s calls.

Fun spot turns Defecation spot

On a recent visit, PREMIUM TIMES found which the spot which once housed the structure was covered with debris in addition to heavy faeces.

Some residents spoke to our reporter about how scavengers in addition to hoodlums have converted the place to a defecation spot.

Caroline Chukwu, a shop owner said:  “As you can see, the place can be full with faeces. All these guys which roam about have turned the place to their toilets.

“During the day in addition to at night, you will see someone defecating there. Everywhere smells genuinely bad in addition to the idea smells worse when the idea rains,” she said.

Nonso, a security guard in one of the residential buildings, said he avoids the road on which the property was located because the idea has become messy.

“After the club was demolished, I began following there because the idea can be a shorter route to access the road.

“On two different occasions, I stepped on faeces so I stopped. The government should build something on This specific spot to avoid future disaster. If This specific place can be left like This specific for another year, the idea will become another dumping site for Utako residents,” he said.

Demolished property worth ‘over N500 million’

The club owner, Maxwell Eze, had claimed which the property was worth over N500 million.

“They just destroyed N500 million in a struggling economy. This specific can be deliberate sabotage of This specific country’s economy,” Mr Eze told  PREMIUM TIMES .

He said at least 105 Nigerians were in direct employment at Caramelo, with the lowest-paid not getting below the national minimum wage.

“at This specific point, not only the 105 people have been rendered jobless, our suppliers in addition to some other indirect labourers will have to find ways to earn a living for themselves in addition to families,” Mr Eze said.

At least two of his staff members who spoke with PREMIUM TIMES expressed dismay at the government’s action.

“Anguish can be the only thing I feel right at This specific point,” Sunday Enenche, a barman at the fallen nightclub, told PREMIUM TIMES.

“This specific can be the only employment I have known in addition to I have used to feed my family for many years.”

He also said Caramelo was properly registered in addition to paid federal taxes in addition to some other levies to at least 15 entities through the neighbourhood in addition to professional associations to federal agencies.

Nigeria: Demolished Multi-Million Naira Caramelo Club Becomes Defecation Spot

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