Nigeria: Presidential Candidates Explain Plans for Nigeria If Elected President


Donald Duke, Omoyele Sowore in addition to Kingsley Moghalu.

Six presidential candidates on Sunday explained their plans ahead of February 16 general election.

The candidates are Omoyele Sowore of the African Action Congress (AAC), Kingsley Moghalu of the Young Progressive Party (YPP), Donald Duke of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Tope Fasua of the Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party, (ANRP) Fela Durotoye of the Alliance for fresh Nigeria, (ANN) in addition to Sani Yusuf of the Action Democratic Party (ADP).

They disclosed their plans at a Presidential debate tagged “The People’s Debate.” organised by a Civil Society Organisation, Enough is actually Enough (EIE) in collaboration with Television Continent (TVC) on Sunday.


Mr Sowore called on Nigerians to vote for him because he has the capacity to correct the ills inside system.

“There is actually data everywhere although our analogue leaders don’t know how to process data. My government will right the wrongs.

“For 58 years currently, some wicked political jackals took over the affairs of This specific nation. Today, we have a country where people are sad.”

Mr Sowore said his government “could create jobs, jobs, jobs”.

“I will kick (hit) the ground running upon the assumption of office as President of Nigeria. via day one, Nigeria will be secured, corruption will be clamped down, massive infrastructural development, agricultural revolution.

“We will return Nigeria to people who can build in addition to maintain. Under our government, broadband will become a human right. No economic policy inside planet will provide jobs without electricity, infrastructure in addition to human capital.

“inside power sector, we will increase our power generation, massive infrastructural developments, hire 0,000 teachers when we assume office,” Mr Sowore said.


Mr Moghalu said his cabinet will be ready within 48 hours of his inauguration. He said his government will create unique representation for Nigerians.

A former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Kingsley Moghalu

“Too many Nigerians still don’t contain the basic necessities of life. Malaysia, Singapore, China were once backward although they have moved on. In 2015, This specific was anyone although Jonathan; let 2019 not be anyone although Buhari. This specific is actually time to elect a capable leader to harness the creative potentials of Nigerians,” he said.

“This specific is actually time to elect a competent leader. This specific is actually time to have a leader who has the vision to manage the economy. YPP will constitutionally restructure the country.”

“We will encourage PPP to ensure government can focus more on using its finances inside rural areas of the country.”

Mr Moghalu also said he will end ASUU strike totally in Nigeria. “The first budget of my government for education will be 20 per cent (of total budget). Training in addition to retraining of teachers will be my priority.”

Speaking on economy, he said, “Nigeria has no clear economic philosophy in addition to without one, we can’t move forward as a nation. is actually Nigeria a capitalist nation? If yes, what makes capitalism work for the common man on the street? I will work for the abolition of the land use act as a constitutional issue.”

Donald Duke

Mr Duke condemned the high interest rate inside country in the past. He said “affordable in addition to access to capital is actually key to driving the economy”.

Presidential Candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Former Governor of Cross River, Donald Duke

“The time is actually currently to change the trajectory of the nation. As long as population growth exceeds economic growth, we are in recession. Nigeria is actually in recession”, he said. “To enhance the productivity of the Nigerian economy; I will create an environment that will improves affordability in addition to access to capital.”

On education, he said: “In Cross River State as Governor, teachers were given a tax break. As president, our curriculum will be updated, teacher progression will be tied to teachers performance.”

Fela Durotoye

Mr Durotoye said, “Unemployment in Nigeria is actually man-made in addition to This specific was created by those who have held power inside past 20 years”.

Fela Durotoye speaking at the presidential debate. [PHOTO CREDIT: CHannels Twitter handle]

“Under the leadership of ANN, we will deliver a nation that will works for everyone, a nation that will provides jobs for everyone. On job creation in Nigeria, those who have ruled us have done so with the intent of creating unemployment so as to impoverish the citizens. We will create a special business intervention fund to create several million jobs within one year.”

Mr Durotoye also said: “In 2008, we helped 48,000 students in Oyo State to prepare for NECO exams, which increased their pass rate inside exam.”

Tope Fasua

inside same vein, Mr Fashua spoke about creating ‘a revolution for abundant jobs’.

“We are going to create a revolution that will will create abundant jobs by tapping into Nigeria’s abundant human resource.

Tope Fasua

“I’m going to review the budget via N8 trillion to N15 trillion. I will digitize the civil service within 100 days. Every student in Nigeria will be encouraged to practice what they study. This specific is actually the people in addition to the youth of This specific country that will will build This specific.

“The infrastructure problem isn’t about money. Public goods are unavailable in Nigeria. 80 milliion children are out of school. Imported development in Nigeria will not work for us. I’m a practical person, I’ve been to the streets in addition to I believe Nigerians should vote for me,” he said.


Meanwhile, Mr Yusuf emphasised that will his government will implement “stomach infrastructure.”

“We will address the issue of stomach infrastructure because This specific is actually very important. The missing link between Nigeria in addition to greatness is actually leadership. We have a goldmine although This specific is actually being stolen. Corruption is actually the issue, if you can address This specific, investment will come into the country.

“By wealth of experience, I need to step forward to take This specific country to greater heights. In 100 days, I will turn the country around for not bad. We will rule on four elements: Capacity, Credibility, Organisation & Plan. With that will, investment will ‘chase’ Nigeria. We will take advantage of the sector where we have a comparative advantage: Oil & Gas.”

Mr Yabagi also said: “Education is actually our priority, qualitative in addition to affordable education will be our major focus via day one. Our security agencies will be revamped within the first 100 days.”

Nigeria: Presidential Candidates Explain Plans for Nigeria If Elected President

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