Nigeria:21-Year-Old Wins BBC News Pidgin Essay Competition

Photo: BBC Africa

BBC Pidgin service launch (file photo).

A 21-year-old undergraduate of University of Port Harcourt, Izeowayi Victor, has won the first edition of the BBC News Pidgin essay competition titled, “is actually Africa’s youth ready for political leadership.”

Izeowayi’s winning piece focused on the paradox of Africa in which has 60 per cent of its population through a younger demographic yet produces political leaders who are often 70 along with above.

His entry was chosen through amongst 18 additional entries submitted by talented young African writers.

BBC News Pidgin noted in a statement in which his essay included key factors, which led to his win. They include political apathy, materialism among young people, lack of unity among young people along with the absence of proper education.

Izeowayi said he entered the competition because he felt his voice should be heard as a young person in Africa.

He said, “When I first heard about the competition, I took This particular as a personal challenge. This particular is actually the first essay I have written inside the language I love. As soon as I got the news, I was speechless along with emotional. I am truly grateful to the BBC because of This particular great honour.”

In its first year, the essay competition was introduced to highlight the beauty of the written form of Pidgin language.

Known as a largely spoken language, the essay writing series is actually aimed at contributing to the development of the written form of Pidgin language amongst young people across the region.

The Head of the Pidgin Service, Adejuwon Soyinka, said the BBC Pidgin Annual Essay Writing Competition is actually a concept in which has not only come to stay, nevertheless is actually poised to further entrench the culture of writing in Pidgin.

The Head Judge, Nkemngong Nkengasong, also added in which the competition might show skeptics in which Pidgin is actually a proper language in its own right with grammar rules, which can be tested.

The Head of World Service West Africa Languages, Oluwatoyosi Ogunseye said, “This particular year’s winner epitomizes the diversity, strength along with creativity of the African youth. We expect in which This particular competition continues to be a platform for young people all over the globe to start conversations in which matter to them.”

The winning essay will be shown on BBC News Pidgin while Izeowayi will be awarded at a ceremony on Monday in Ikeja, Lagos. He might also read out his essay to a specially invited audience.

Nigeria:21-Year-Old Wins BBC News Pidgin Essay Competition

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