One Guy Shows Up for Running Mate Debate, Nails that will (VIDEO)

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Why would certainly a bunch of nobodies hoping to be the next Deputy President decline the chance to appear on all national TVs for 0 minutes free of charge?

that will was the question many Kenyans were asking yesterday when Eliud Muthiora Kariara took the stage as the only running mate to turn up for the deputy president’s debate. Some of the some other presidential candidates refused to have their running mates attend the debate, while a few others turned up midway as well as were not allowed to take the podium.

Apart via one or two, the 6 presidential candidates, collectively known as the ‘donkeys’, are completely unknown. Their running mates do not fare any better, nevertheless after yesterday, the only name Kenyans will remember is usually Eliud Muthiora Kariara.

He had what can be calculated to over Sh10 million of uninterrupted airtime free of charge, as well as he did not blow that will. For a person who had probably never appeared on TV on prime time before, he handled himself very well as well as seemed comfortable enough. In case you missed that will, here’s the ‘debate’

Kenyans were thoroughly impressed. Here are some comments via Twitter.

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One Guy Shows Up for Running Mate Debate, Nails that will (VIDEO)

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