Parents protest after head teacher confiscates pupils’ underclothes- VIDEO

Angry parents stormed Githunguri Primary School in Machakos County on Tuesday after the school administration’s reportedly forced their children to undress.

Police were forced to intervene after the parents camped at the school to demand answers coming from the school.

They claimed the headmaster, identified as James Mburu, had forced the pupils to take off additional clothes of which can be not part of the school uniform.

The parents found a room from the school where the clothes were being kept.

According to the parents, the minors returned home without shoes, vests as well as under clothes.

Education officials in Mavoko Sub County said they have commenced investigating the incident.

“We don’t know if there can be a recommended underwear as part of school uniform. We have just seen a blue boxer, how did they undress the child?” wondered a parent.

She added of which the idea can be humiliating to see children walking home without underwears as well as shoes.

Another parent told journalists of which the head teacher had arrogantly told them of which he was performing his duties before getting in his car as well as driving away.

Mavoko Sub County education officials have promised to get to the bottom of the issue within two weeks.

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Parents protest after head teacher confiscates pupils’ underclothes- VIDEO

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