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The Perfect Workout Plan For Over 40’s

For many people it can seem little more than a dream to get fit over 40. However, this dream shouldn’t be limited to younger folks – it is possible to get fit at any age. Models and bodybuilders aren’t the only ones who can be fit well beyond their forties, you can too.

So how is someone who’s getting closer and closer to the top of that proverbial hill supposed to get in shape? The best way to stay young and sharp is to build some muscle. You can build muscle without looking like a body builder and it will make you feel great. Strength training is important regardless of age and according to experts, even more important as you get older.

Benefits of Building Muscle At Forty Plus.
Body building is not just about bulking up – it can create massive sex appeal at any age. Looking good is important at every stage of life and the over 40 crowd often finds themselves divorced and back in the dating game. If you are recently divorced then it’s time to build your self-confidence right along with those muscles – and that applies to men and women alike.

Lack of energy and chronic tiredness can also show improvement from strength training. Adults often have too much going on each day and it can wear you out at times. If you’re a working parent or a busy executive, then you know how this story goes. If you’re working hard and feeling too tired for anything else, then you’ll get a real energy boost from working out on a regular basis. You’ll feel strong, energetic and really alive.

Too often, with age comes illness. Do you find that you get sick more often or take longer to recover? Regular exercise can also help to build up a healthy immune system. When everyone around you is sick all the time, you’ll feel healthy because of your great exercise routine. Keep that flu and cold away by being strong and lean. You’ll look great and be sick less often when you make strength training a regular part of your workout regime.

You should also know that you can really build up your bones with regular workouts. If you’re a woman this is particularly important to keep in mind. Women are more likely to have problems with bone density and develop osteoporosis. Keeping fit and active is a way to keep this at bay. You can also limit any kind of joint pain often associated with getting older if you stay in shape and keep building muscle.

Watching what you eat and staying fit should be part of your overall plan that acts as a defence against ageing and helps you look and feel young. By following a routine you’ll be able to fight off disease and do the things you love for many years to come. The choice is yours – you have the ability to live your golden years however you wish. By taking steps now, you can be fit over 40, 50, 60 and beyond.


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