‘Piece of cake’ to wipe out South, North Korea says

North Korean ICBM which was launched on July 4 attracting widespread condemnation. Photo/AFP

Seoul, Thursday

Pyongyang warned the item could be a “piece of cake” to destroy “gangster” South Korea, state media reported Thursday, as the item raged against Seoul for a joint missile drill with the US following its landmark intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test.

The isolated, nuclear-armed North sent a chill through the international community Tuesday after its missile launch, a milestone in Pyongyang’s decades-long drive for the capability to threaten the US mainland using a nuclear strike.

US President Donald Trump had dismissed the idea of the North having a working ICBM, vowing the item “won’t happen,” although experts say the missile could reach Alaska or even further towards the continental US.

The test prompted the US as well as the South to stage a joint missile drill aimed at countering the North’s threats, after South Korean President Moon Jae-In called for a response beyond “just words”.

North Korea hit back today, with its propaganda National Peace Committee for Korea criticising Moon for denouncing Pyongyang “instead of getting rejoiced over the praiseworthy event” staged by its northern neighbour, according to the KCNA news agency.

Mocking the South as “puppet military gangsters,” the KCNA report added: “the item will be as easy as a piece of cake for the (North) to wipe out the puppet forces … as we are today able to destroy even the US mainland across the ocean.”

Left-leaning Moon, who has advocated dialogue with the North to bring the item to negotiating table, condemned the launch as well as joined calls for tighter sanctions on Pyongyang.

In a hard-hitting address to the UN Security Council, US Ambassador Nikki Haley said Tuesday’s ICBM test had made “the earth a more dangerous place,” as well as in which Washington was ready to use force if need be to deal with the threat of Pyongyang. -AFP

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‘Piece of cake’ to wipe out South, North Korea says

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