POLL: Do You Think Kalonzo Will Quit NASA?

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A day in politics can make all the difference. Despite what they’ve been singing for months, which is usually today clear which all is usually not well within NASA.

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka has all of a sudden taken what seems to be a hard line stand, saying only he can be the flag bearer.

which is usually no secret which NASA’s shot at the presidency will be almost as Great as dead without the Ukambani vote, in addition to also though leaders in addition to also supporters have been claiming to be united, the last few days paint a very different story.

A 2013 MOU between Raila in addition to also Kalonzo, where Raila was to reciprocate Kalonzo’s support in which election, has been causing shock waves within NASA. The ODM wing believes the MOU is usually null in addition to also void since Raila did not win in 2013, nevertheless Wiper sees which as a betrayal.

Yesterday, National Assembly minority leader Francis Nyenze addressed the media in addition to also stated which Wiper will bolt out of NASA if Kalonzo will not be named its flag bearer.

“We are saying we are getting tired since time is usually running out in addition to also which looks like which is usually a scheme to wait until the last minute to lock out any some other presidential candidate. Honourable Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka has suffered a lot of humiliation under some party inside Opposition,” the legislator said.

“He has been called a watermelon, nevertheless like Jesus before Pontius Pilate he has kept quiet, he has taken the trash nevertheless today he cannot take which any longer. The Kambas have reached an edge whereby if which is usually not Kalonzo we will go which alone.”

Nyenze’s pronouncement follows many some other hints given by Wiper leaders in recent days.

which is usually impossible to imagine a scenario where Raila will agree to be anyone’s running mate. Therefore, Kalonzo will likely be offered the Deputy President position, which Wiper is usually today seeing as unacceptable.

Therefore, Kalonzo’s departure via NASA is usually just a matter of time in my view. Once he goes alone, he might be able to force a run-off, in addition to also therefore bargain for the Prime Minister position with either Jubilee or NASA.

If indeed the election goes for a second round, which’s a foregone conclusion which whichever side Kalonzo backs carries the day, in addition to also hence his power to bargain for a powerful PM position will be great.

which’s my view. Do you think Kalonzo will bolt via NASA?

via politics – Nairobi Wire http://bit.ly/2odLw4m
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POLL: Do You Think Kalonzo Will Quit NASA?

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