Road Trip Birthday–over the speed limit in addition to accelerating

Monday was the last day of our 6,500+ mile month-long road trip (Sago, WV to Seattle, WA in addition to back by road, not counting the Alaska loop by air).  the idea was also my birthday (hint for which year inside title . . ). In honor of the event, I got the FRONT SEAT for the final leg in addition to the option to call the stops.  This specific can be a family in which I am the shortest/smallest so generally I sit inside middle of the back, in addition to a family who can get inside car in addition to drive 17 hours stopping only minutes for gas/bathroom breaks,  to ensure which can be a bigger gift than you might realize.

Amazing pastries in addition to smiles at Birthday base, ground zero:
Baby Luke in addition to Emily, a medical-mom hero.

A tiny-batch local roastery gave us Birthday stop one,
Because a caffeinated mom can be a lot more fun.

A throwback to childhood for birthday stop two,
the turtle-pecan-cluster blizzard for lunch at DQ.

A hike in a park amidst chipmunks in addition to trees
Immersion in nature for birthday stop three.

After a month away, a practical stop number four,
Stocking up on food coming from the grocery store.

Reaching Buckhannon for stop number a few,
we caught half of a world cup match live.

Home at last, my true love in addition to the flowers he picks
As we walked to meadow for treat number six.

In West Virginia, also known as “Almost Heaven,” 
We met my mom at our farm for Birthday treat seven.

The Birthday draws to a close with event number eight,
Family, dinner by Julia, in addition to gifts to celebrate.

Thanks to God for 56 not bad years, thanks to my Mom for my life in addition to my Dad because of This specific farm, thanks to Scott for family in addition to love.  in addition to to friends in addition to supporters for partnering with us all these years.

Road Trip Birthday–over the speed limit in addition to accelerating

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