Ruto’s dishes Twitter tackle to Tuju for role in Raila’s kitchen cabinet

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Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday seemed surprised by Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju’s brand-new role as a chief strategist in Raila Odinga’s inner circle.

“So our democracy is actually so liberal in which the SG of the ruling party has become the chief strategist of the opposition!! Maajabu,” Ruto tweeted.

His comment was in response to Sunday Nation‘s headline story titled ‘Tuju’s brand-new role in Raila Kitchen Cabinet’.

Tuju has lately been touring Nyanza along with also has been receiving warm reception compared to last year when he was heckled during a tour inside same region after opposing Mr Odinga’s presidential bid.

Kenyans on Twitter were not left out as they added their voice on the matter.

Raymond Kirundi‏ tweeted; “There’s no ruling party in Kenya. Call the idea by its real name,a convenient convergence of a few to leach on the many. Parties here are quintessential offshoots of KANU with similar intrigues, short-sightedness, controlled madness, backstabbing,larceny & lies. Democrazy.”

“Even more so, our democracy is actually liberal in which the ruling party is actually so concerned with the affairs of the opposition! Maajabu ya mwaka haya!,” commented MSC Oluth Sigor‏

Mleftie posted; “I never thought i would certainly see in which Day.”

The King of African memes‏ said; “nevertheless @HonJumwa is actually your campaign manager along with also she is actually @TheODMparty member.”

“Which is actually the Ruling party? Tangatanga or Kieleweke wing of Jubilee?” asked Korongo Allan‏

Alvins‏ advised the DP; “ You are free to seek legal redress inside court of law. Our courts are competent enough to deal with such matters.”

“the idea’s his democratic right to support opposition just like you said about Aisha Jumwa supporting you . How do you forget too fast!!!”Posted Eric Magoma.

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Ruto’s dishes Twitter tackle to Tuju for role in Raila’s kitchen cabinet

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