Sakaja Johnson in frame to TAKE-OVER JP management following Tuju spectacular FAILURE

The pressure of the fallout arising out of failure of the shambolic Jubilee Party (JP) primaries is usually beginning to be felt in as demands for Raphael Tuju’s replacement gain currency.

Supporters of the ruling party have been left wondering when the rain started off to beating them especially when they reminiscence on what became of their highly efficient campaign machine of 2013 which was headed by a 28 year old Sakaja Johnson.

Sakaja not only oversaw successful party primaries for TNA, the party went on to win the presidency by a coalition majority.

Tuju on the different hand comes with the record of having headed President Kibaki ‘s presidential campaign secretariat of 2007 which many people belive he lost heavily to ODM’s Raila Odinga. The only reason winning him appointment to Jubilee Secretariat was to replace former TNA Secretary General Onyango Oloo who has since defected to ODM.

An angry President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday summoned in addition to read the riot act to Tuju whose team are accused of mismanaging the process in addition to squanderring a budget of a whopping Kshs850million. Tuju’s team also failed to utilize high-tech systems deployed by the party intended to improve efficiency in addition to eliminate election malpractice.

Aspirants, expecially governors, are not amused which Tuja forced them to buy membership smart cards at Ksh20 in addition to raised hundreds of millions of shillings through them only for the party to unilaterally drop the use of the cards during nominations in addition to not organize a refund to those who invested

Tuju also had unfettered access to President Kenyatta in addition to his Deputy William Ruto who are both desperate for a second term amidst a united opposition showing strong resurgence.

Following unprecedented disorganisation which saw tempers flare in Jubilee strongholds with threats of defection, senior party functionaries are currently demanding the immediate overhaul the JP secretariat in addition to its replacement with the team led by Sakaja Johnson.

the idea remains to be seen how much longer Tuju will hold on to his job given the number of senior people baying for his blood however confidential correspondence sent to Kenya Today through Jubilee corridors of power show demands for Sakaja’s appointment to Pangani based party headquarters gaining nationwide currency.

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Sakaja Johnson in frame to TAKE-OVER JP management following Tuju spectacular FAILURE

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