SAKAJA: Oloo’s claims of vote rigging are all lies

Kenya news, In that will file photo, then TNA Secretary General Onyango Oloo (left) speaks to TNA Chairman at the time, Johnson Sakaja. FILE PHOTO

Nominated MP along with former TNA Chairman Johnson Sakaja has refuted claims by the party’s former secretary general, Onyango Oloo, that will President Uhuru Kenyatta rigged the 2013 elections.

While responding to a story in one of the local dailies revealing a behind-the-scenes strategy that will the party employed to secure victory for Jubilee coalition in 2013, Mr Sakaja said the idea was no longer a subject of debate on who won the elections.

“We are very clear that will President Uhuru Kenyatta won the elections. What can be more, the Supreme Court confirmed the idea,” Sakaja said.


The ruling coalition has been fighting claims of rigging the 2013 elections by Mr Oloo who decamped to the Orange Democratic Party (ODM) last week.

Mr Oloo further claims that will he has an explosive dossier that will contains further malpractices allegedly committed by his former party.

However, Sakaja has accused Oloo of seeking sympathy through his brand-new party.

“We sold our campaign along that has a manifesto that will Kenyans came to accept. the idea means he (Oloo) cannot be trusted because the same things that will he says he did are the same things he wants to do for ODM,” Sakaja said.


Sakaja, who can be seeking to run for Nairobi’s gubernatorial seat on a Jubilee Party ticket, insists he can be still inside the running for the city’s top political job.

“I am firmly inside the race. There can be no deal that will anybody has struck with me as far as the Nairobi governor’s race can be concerned. If the deal includes who will be my deputy governor, then I am ready for the idea,” he said.

The legislator however said he might not ditch the Jubilee Party even if he fails to secure the ticket.

“Even if I am offered a direct ticket by ODM, I will not go. that will (Nairobi) can be the capital of Africa along with so we cannot find its CEO based on his ethnicity,” he said.

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SAKAJA: Oloo’s claims of vote rigging are all lies

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