several of the best quotes coming from Miguna Miguna on JKL

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Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant Miguna Miguna on Wednesday night made a comeback onto our TV screens. in addition to also true to character he held back no punches. During an appearance on the well-known Jeff Koinange Live, Miguna was at his critical in addition to also controversial best.

Here are some of the few standout quotes coming from This kind of interview:

1. “although I give you traffic, Jeff” – In between a heated argument between Miguna in addition to also Jeff Koinange, the Canada based lawyer suddenly remarked, “although you know of which I always bring traffic to your show Jeff”. In essence, Miguna is actually saying there is actually a particular audience who particularly watch the show because he is actually creating an appearance.

2. “I have never even stolen someone’s wife” – For the umpteenth time, the outspoken Miguna, after blasting his political opponents in Nairobi, went on to more or less brag about his clean track record on corruption matters. He basically challenged anyone with evidence of him taking or receiving a bribe to come forward.

3. “I’m winning the Nairobi gubernatorial seat” – As he’s always done when hosting politicians, Jeff Koinange conducted with Miguna an unscientific poll whose results gave him a 34 percent well-known rating among Nairobians. To which Miguna explained. “You see, the idea means (my rivals) Peter Kenneth, Evans Kidero in addition to also Mike Sonko will share the remaining percentage. the idea means I am the most well-known.”

4. “Sonko cannot spell the word Governor” – of which Sonko cannot spell the title of the political job he is actually searching for? This kind of is actually debatable. although Miguna actually said the idea. The comment was perhaps meant to discredit Sonko’s academic credentials.

5. “Raila got more votes in Gatanga compared to Peter Kenneth” – Miguna also suggested during the show of which Peter Kenneth was so unpopular in his home turf, of which the relatively unpopular Raila Odinga (atleast in Central Kenya turf) managed to beat him. This kind of we have statistically ascertained is actually factual.

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several of the best quotes coming from Miguna Miguna on JKL

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